February 2, 2019

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This audio is no longer available.

  • 6:01pm Inion Ni Scannlain by Lúnasa on The Merry Sisters of Fate (Green Linnet), 2006
  • 6:23pm The Wild Geese by Jim Malcolm on Sconeward (Greentrax Recordings), 1995
  • 6:50pm Oh, Have Ye Heard O’ the Merchant’s Son by Norman Kennedy on Ballads and Songs of Scotland (Folk-Legacy Records), 2002
  • 6:53pm Song of the Seals by Jean Redpath on By Request (Jean Redpath Records), 2004
  • 7:18pm Deep Blue by Imar on Avalanche (Big Mann Records), 2018
  • 7:23pm The Water is Wise by Lúnasa on Cas (Lúnasa Records), 2018
  • 7:27pm The Cadgers by Lúnasa on Cas (Lúnasa Records), 2018
  • 7:36pm White Strand by Ímar on White Strand (Big Mann Records), 2018
  • 7:46pm The Lark in the Clear Air by Cathy Jordan on All the Way Home (Blix Street Records), 2012
  • 7:49pm My Mind Will Never be Easy by Martin Hayes Quartet on The Blue Room (251 Records), 2017
  • 7:56pm An Chéad Mháirt den Fhomhair / Na Gamhna Geala by Brendan Begley on A Moment of Madness (IrishMusic.Net), 2010
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