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Epicenter is KWMR’s regular news and public affairs program, bringing you coverage of local issues and topics that matter to West Marin.

With Your Hosts:
Lyons Filmer and Katie Eberle
Herb Kutchins on 3rd Weds and Thurs
Alyssa G Simpson, Socorro Romo, Gus Conde on 1st Thurs

Interviews air Monday – Thursday at 5 PM.

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5:00pm, 9-21-2017

5:00pm, 9-20-2017

5:00pm, 9-19-2017

5:00pm, 9-18-2017

5:00pm, 9-14-2017

5:00pm, 9-13-2017

5:00pm, 9-12-2017

5:00pm, 9-11-2017