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Ready to Prime The Pumpkin

It has been quite a week. We have our “go supplies” prepped and ready to throw in the truck. Important documents, medicines, supplies for our pups. We just hope that we are here to take them when the evacuation takes place. I’m not using the “if,” I’m now operating on the “when” concept. Our family…

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Frances McDormand, Engineering Eden, and Good News for the Oceans

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: WED  |  Oct 18  

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A Crisis of Faith, Alternatives to Prison, and the Intrepid News Fund

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: WED  |  Oct 11  

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Fire Information & Resources

Note: all “blue” text will open a webpage for the information. It is good to have a plan  – see recent Round Up newsletter – in some cases in the fires that have burned in the past 48 hours, there was not even time to grab a “go bag.”

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To say that I am stoked about the people who are involved with KWMR would be a great understatement. I am proud to be associated with the many characters including the Board, staff, volunteer programmers and our many devoted listener/supporters. I’ve been in love with this radio station since I walked in the door the…

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Women In Jail, Midnight in Luxembourg, and Synth Pop’s Pop

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Wednesday, Oct 4

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Shake, Rattle and Roll – with your “Go Bag!”

Hi folks, This past weekend on the “to do” list was to assemble our “Go Bag.” That bag of essentials that you would grab if you need to go – right away. Well….long story short. We didn’t do it… yet. Maybe you have had a similar issue with emergency preparedness. If you read this newsletter, you know that it’s something…

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