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Online Dating, Competitive Dog Sport, and A Raisin In The Sun

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:  WED  |  Feb 14

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Deep breath! The new audio console is installed and operational, all but three volunteer programmers have been trained to run the new equipment, the audit is complete, and Sweethearts of the Radio was a great success! Today, Tuesday, February 13 is the 44th day of 2018. I decided, since I had a tiny bit of…

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Never Bored!

One thing I can say with confidence is that my job at KWMR is never, ever boring. It’s not a cliffhanger, or full of drama, but it is interesting and engaging. Equipment on the top of ridges, more equipment wired together to make us sound good, and lots and lots of fascinating people! The new…

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Skunks, Valentines, and Barely Imagined Beings

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:   WED  |  Feb 7

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EUROVISION, The Peace Corps, and Shiny New Gear for KWMR

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:  WED  |  Jan 31

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Miss my messy desk…

Hi folks, I’m away this week and want to thank the rest of the fabulous KWMR crew for holding down the fort in my absence. Gotta say a big THANK YOU to all you sustaining Calendar Club members! Your monthly donations rolled in on the 20th and it was a mighty fine thing to see! This is…

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Therapy Horses, Chronic Pain, and Rockers Who Dared To Disco

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:  WED  |  Jan 24

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