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Sugar Bad, Fat OK, Tick-Borne Diseases, and Four Hours of French Music

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Wednesday, Jun 21

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I have a hard time believing that not only do I coordinate a golf tournament (with LOTS of help) but that this is the 7th tournament that KWMR has hosted. The golf tournament was the brainchild of Muriel (Aggie) Murch and Dan Morse, hence the “DAGGIE.” I have to say, I love this event and…

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Daggie Photos and More

KWMR thanks all of our fashionable players, sponsors, donors, and volunteers for making the 7th annual Daggie Golf Tournament such fun! Check out our photos

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When I first moved to West Marin (Ken was returning) in 2004 we took possession of the property in October. I’m not sure if a lot of trimming back had taken place the previous spring, but it was in “wild English garden” mode. A dear former coworker mentioned to me that she had an old…

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Procession, Cavalcade, March!

Western Weekend has come and gone. KWMR marched with our big Communications Van that we share with the West Marin Disaster Council (thank you Richard Dillman!) We invited folks from PG&E and the Marin County Department of Public Works to join us so we could, as a community, thank them for their speedy responses on…

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The Plusses of Pessimism, Adventure Racing, and Cat Wars

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Wednesday, Jun 14

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Traveling 12,000 miles on public transit, a local jazz vocalist, and sonic fondue

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Wednesday, Jun 7

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