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Deadly Waters, French Classical, and An Indigenous Economic Model

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Wednesday, Jul 26

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Vroom vroom

After returning from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters conference, I’m energized. In rooms full of people who are committed to community broadcasting, we had all “found our people.” And the sharing of ideas commenced! I think some good collaborations will flow from the connections made. It was fun and I’m very happy to be…

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What is the NFCB?

MISSION: The NFCB provides services that advance public media organizations to best serve their communities.   KWMR has been a proud member for many years. The NFCB was formed in 1978 and is still going strong. In fact, bringing those of who provide community-based media together to share best practices, learn from one another and get to…

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Saving horses, healing a mass shooting, and anger as a power

Out upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Wednesday, Jul 19

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Chipping Away…

Question: “Amanda, what percentage of your job would you say is fundraising?” Answer: “About 150%.” While KWMR has not grown over the past ten years – same offices, same staff hours, a few more programmers, we are trying hard to work smarter. Using technology more wisely and utilizing more than 4% of the available software…

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Refugee smuggling, snakes on the air, and the U.S. Lawnmower Racing Association

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on: Tuesday, Jul 11

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Outside Report: Intrepid Journalism

Created early 2017 in response to diminished funding of independent investigative journalists within US mainstream media, The Intrepid News Fund (INF) promotes under-reported news and human interest stories specifically from Latin America. KWMR is teaming up with the INF because founder Teri Mattson is a West Marin activist doing positive work in the world. We…

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