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Earlier time: 8:00-8:30 am

   With your host: Raul Gallyot

Radio that empowers and educates through in-depth, unedited, spontaneous conversations.

An Earlier Hour Starting Thursday, January 9, 2014, Julie Motz's shows air at 1 pm. Same day, earlier time!

See "Hot Tech/Cool Science" archives here.

   With your host: Anthony Wright


Aztec Pride
   With your host: Jorge Ramirez

Aztec Pride and Jorge move to every other Tuesday, 2-4 pm, starting June 11, 2013.

Amanda and Mike bring you the sounds of Honky Tonk, West Coast Country and beyond every other week.

Barbarian Beach Party
   With your host: Katie Eberle

The Barbarian Beach Party is:

top down
arms up
hot pants smokin'
dance temple
night moves
strange lamps
surfboard legs
Radio Music Timetrap

Every - Other - Monday - Night
8:30 - 10 PM

Barrio Vibes
   With your host: admin admin

Solange Echeverria starts Turning Pages "Libro Abierto" Friday, June 27, 10-11 am.

Grey alternates with Paul Flowerman, "Ears Akimbo's Elbowroom"

Fred returns to his original show name!