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KWMR's programming reflects the wide variety of interests of our volunnteer programmers, and reflects the character and nature of the people and places of West Marin. All hosts, whether of music or talk shows, regularly bring on guests, principally from our West Marin villages, but also from around the Bay Area and the world.

Between 8 am and midnight, KWMR airs about two hours of music to every one hour of talk. We cover music of almost all genres: Americana/Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical, Latin, Jazz & Swing, Blues, Alt Rock, World, Lounge, and Funk. We even have a show highlighting just the new releases in our music library. Bringing live performances on-air is part of the fun for music hosts and listeners!

Our interview hosts cover culture, politics, environment and ecology, agriculture, literature, spirituality and psychology, health and science, the performing arts, parenting issues... with about 6 hours a week of Spanish-language and bi-lingual music and talk shows.

KWMR has a process for training new programmers in the technical skills and interview/host skills needed for the live shows. Programmers who become competent in these areas can then go on to learn audio recording and editing in the production studio, field recording, news production, and remote broadcasts using phone lines and RPU gear. If you are interested in volunteering as a programmer click here to find out more.


The Grateful Dead Hour
   With your host:

Host and producer, David Gans.

Starting January 17, 2014, The GD Hour moves an hour earlier at 11 pm.

See David's website:

The Jazz Groove is hosted by Gregory DeMascio and Joe Blumenthal. They are 'taking over' from Rick Clark, who has 'retired' Rick's Jazz Cefé.



The Kitchen Sink
   With your host: Patrick Kleeman

The rock-y edge of americana.

Pat has "retired" from a regular show, but turns up as a Sub now and the Highlights.

The Latin Alternative
   With your host:

with Ernesto Lechner and Josh Norek.  The show combines music with artist interviews. Recent guests have included Ozomatli, Jaguares, Diego Garcia, Ana Tijoux and the Pinker Tones.

Norek, co-founded the Latin Alternative Music Conference and is a member of the Hip Hop Hoodios.

Lechner, author of Rock en Español: The Latin Alternative Rock Explosion, also has been a contributor to The Times' Calendar section.

See their website:

New Day & Time Starting August 1, 2014, The Local Organon moves to alternating Fridays at 1 PM. 

Localism in all its forms.

The Place We Live
   With your host: Marc Matheson

The Place We Live is a live radio interview program created by Marc Matheson as a mode of sketching the West Marin landscape through the lives of the people who live or work here.

Inspired by "West Marin Review", a local art and literature journal, The Place We Live features live conversation with a diverse range of local folk - writers, poets and artists, students, teachers and parents, farm and ranch workers, shopkeepers and townspeople - at the intersection of not just literature and art, but also work and learning, and the appreciation of artfulness in daily life.

The program also addresses community and public affairs topics relevant to life in West Marin, including education.

The Place We Live airs live on alternate Saturday mornings at 11:00, for an hour. Archived recordings of the show are available for free download and sharing within a few hours. (Scroll down for the archives.)

Listen live to the program at!

Visit and like the Facebook page, The Place We Live!

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Photo by Christopher Miles.


The Scoring Stage
   With your host: Susan Lockwood

The Scoring Stage explores music composed for film and television, across all decades and genres.  Tune in for awesome music, trivia, historical notes, and the odd "never heard anything like that before..." moment. 

The Story Shed
   With your host: Jacoba Charles

Jacoba Charles doing oral histories with West Marin and other coastal California ranchers.

See the archives here:

The Vicarious Traveler
   With your host: Vicki Leeds

A show about people and where in the world they go to pursue their dreams, to work, or to have great adventures.

The Vinyl Café
   With your host:

Stories and music with host Stuart Mclean, from the CBC.

The Sunday episode is repeated every other Tuesday at 10 am.

To see The Vinyl Café website, click here.