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The crucial stories impacting our local farms and foodshed — from GMOs to local cheesemakers.

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Drakes Bay Oyster Company Legal Updates (2014-05-12) posted Mon May 12 13:10:03 2014

The legal battle to keep DBOC in business continutes. Peter Prows, attorney for DBOC talks about DBOC will reamin open while they wait to hear back from the  Supreme Court as well as the District Court ruling on the California Coastal Commission actions toward DBOC. Host Robin Carpenter and Peter Prows discuss the impacts of the latest actions and what the next steps will be legally and the possible time frames.


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Living Seed Company (2014-05-05) posted Mon May 5 13:10:02 2014

Host Robin Carpenter interviews the Matt and Astrid Hoffman the founders of The Living Seed Company here in Point Reyes Station about the amazing growth of their company. They also discuss why seed saving and organic seeds are vitally important for our health, the health of our planet (bees!), and why Monsanto and other giant agribusinesses don't want us to have access to our own seeds.


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Farm and Foodshed Report (2014-04-28) posted Mon Apr 28 13:10:05 2014

Host Robin Carpenter interviews Dr. Leslie Roche who is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the California Rangeland Watershed Laboratory at UC Davis and one of the authors of a recent report on Cattle Grazing, Mountain Meadows and Sensitive Species. This five year study revealed that cattle grazing and human activities were not the cause of a diminishment in the Sierra Toad population and that cattle grazing and human activity can co-exist in areas with sensitive species. It also indicates the heavy impact of climate change and impacts of drought and rainfall shifts.


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Gill Net Devastation off our shores(2014-04-07) posted Mon Apr 7 13:10:06 2014

Dr. Geoff Shester, Program Director for California, at Oceana discusses the findings of their recently released report on the 9 dirtiest fisheries in America - two of them right off of our California Coast and in our foodshed. California is the last state allowing drift gill nets off of our coast and the results are horrifying. In the report titled Wasted Catch: Unsolved Bycatch Problems in U.S. Fisheries, Oceana explains that despite significant progress in the last decade, the catch of non-target fish and ocean wildlife, or “bycatch”, remains a significant problem in domestic fisheries. In fact, researchers have estimated that approximately 20 percent of the total U.S. catch is thrown away each year.

You can view a copy of the report:


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Mushrooms, Permaculture, Earthday Marin (2014-03-31) posted Mon Mar 31 13:10:03 2014

Winemaker and mushroom master, Jim Olsen, co-hosted with Robin Carpenter today as they discussed our first time ever many months late mushroom season. First time any of us have had the chance to eat fresh asparagus and fresh porcini at the same time. The porcinis are usually a fall delicacy and the asparagus came in several weeks early! Our foragers along the coast are experiencing the beginning of new weather patterns and it calls more deeply on their observational skills and adaptability.We also had some call-ins from speakers scheduled at EarthDay Marin John Wick of the Marin Carbon Project, Julian Birnbaum co-author of Sustainable Revolution, and Hannah Doress the organizer for Earthday Marin.


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Grassfed is Best for Bodies and Planet(2014-03-24) posted Mon Mar 24 13:20:03 2014

With the recent announcement by Marin Sun Farms that they feel with the drought that they must carry other brands of beef than 100% grassfed, we invited Marilyn Noble of the American Grassfed Association along with 100% Grassfed only folks to discuss how producers dedicated to 100% grassfed deal with droughts. Wendy Millet is the Director of Tomkat Ranch Educational Foundation and Leftcoast Grassfed and she joined us along with Joe Morris of Morris Grassfed. This fascinating discussion delves into the challenges and solutions of dealing with both the logistical and economic issues that come up regarding grassfed as well as why it healthy for the planet and our bodies


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St. Patrick's Day - Irish Cooking and Celtic Cowboys (2014-03-17) posted Mon Mar 17 13:10:00 2014

Inspired by Darina Allen, Ireland's Alice Waters, and other Irish friends and family, we discussed soda bread and other traditional Irish foods and recipes. In the second half of the show we talked about the Celtic traditions of cattle herding at the root of our American cattle tradition including the iconic Western Cowboy.


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