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Farm and Foodshed Report
With your host: Robin Carpenter

The crucial stories impacting our local farms and foodshed — from GMOs to local cheesemakers.

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Farm & Foodshed Report



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Farm and Foodshed Report (2014-09-15) posted Mon Sep 15 13:10:04 2014


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Farm and Foodshed Report (2014-09-08) posted Mon Sep 8 13:10:08 2014


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Farm and Foodshed Report (2014-09-01) posted Mon Sep 1 13:10:07 2014


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Farm and Foodshed Report (2014-08-25) posted Mon Aug 25 13:10:04 2014


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Locavore Editor Mary Olsen (2014-08-18) posted Mon Aug 18 13:10:03 2014

Mary Olsen is the Locavore Editor for the West Marin Citizen and she coordinates the weekly Chef's booth at the Point Reyes Farmers Market. Chef's tips, Farmers Market update, lunch with MFK Fisher and her crush on Ruth Reichl's husband are highlighted in Mary's delightful stories.


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Sam Dolcini, President of Marin County Farm Bureau(2014-08-11) posted Mon Aug 11 13:10:12 2014

Sam Dolcini is a fifth generation rancher and President of the Marin County Farm Bureau. A favored guest of the Farm & Foodshed Report, Sam and Robin discuss the history of farming and ranching in our area as well as the state. The evolution of farming/ranching techniques and the great stewardship of lands here in Marin and what the future holds for our farmers and ranchers.


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Marin Carbon Project Co-founder Jeff Creque (2014-08-04) posted Mon Aug 4 13:10:04 2014

Host Robin Carpenter in conversation with Jeff Creque who is the co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project and a Director at the Carbon Cycle Institute. The latest findings of their research, what they are researching now, the power of composting and the enormous hope and opportunity that the findings show. Also highlighted some of the work being done by the Marin Conservation League and their Agricultural Land Use Committee. 

For more information about the work we discussed today go to

Articles we referred to by Marcia Delonge and others -

"A Lifecycle Model to Evaluate Carbon Sequestration Potential and Greenhouse Gas Dynamics of Managed Grasslands"

"Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Opportunities in California Agriculture"

Additional articles and information can be found on the site



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