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Saturday Night Function

Saturday Night Function, the name of an early Duke Ellington tune, is a locally created and produced KWMR music program featuring a rich and nourishing gumbo of the blues, rhythm and blues, soul, jazz, zydeco, reggae, funk and contemporary dance music.
KWMR volunteer programmer soul brothers Marc Matheson and Mark Potts created the show, and Jeffry Wilkinson now co-hosts with Marc a classic juke joint atmosphere for late Saturday nights from 10 pm to midnight every week.

Juke (or jook) joints were informal establishments operated by African Americans in the rural South that offered a safe and hospitable place for music, dancing, food and drink, and gambling. Mos' definitely not sanctified by the church establishment, juke joints served as community centers and night clubs for hard working country folk. Well known jazz bands as well as up and coming stars of jazz and blues performed at juke joints throughout the Southern United States.

The term "juke" is believed to derive from the Gullah word joog, meaning rowdy or disorderly. A juke joint is also known a "barrelhouse."

Although gambling, collard greens and alcohol aren't served at Saturday Night Function, discerning listeners may find themselves kicking off their shoes and grooving to our considered and elegantly sophisticated assortment of mellow, lively, funky and hoppin' tunes.

So stick around after Rick's Jazz Café or Greg's Groove for the Saturday Night Function after party. You won't regret it, and you may well want to return - you're always welcome!

Saturday Night Function airs live every Saturday night at 10:00, for two hours. Archived recordings of the show are available for sharing within a few hours. (Scroll down for the archives, which are posted for a week to ten days only.)

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Jitterbugs (II) circa 1941 by African American painter William Henry Johnson (1901-1970) courtesy of Smithsonian American Art Museum. Click here to learn about the artist.

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Upcoming Broadcasts:
Saturday, December 27 10:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Saturday, January 3 10:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Saturday, January 10 10:00 PM - 11:59 PM
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Saturday, January 24 10:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Saturday Night Function (2012-11-25) posted Sun Nov 25 00:30:04 2012

KWMR programmrer Mark Potts hosts "Function" this week, spinning music until midnight for your listening pleasure!

Saturday Night Function (2012-11-18) posted Sun Nov 18 00:30:02 2012

"Saturday Night Function" welcomes its first guest host, Jeffry Wilkinson, who launches two hours of musical medley ranging from jazz to blues to tributes to friends far and wide.

Saturday Night Function (2012-11-11) posted Sun Nov 11 00:30:06 2012

Host Mark Potts plays Saturday night tunes for you all the way to the midnight hour!

Saturday Night Function (2012-11-03) posted Tue Nov 6 16:20:04 2012

Mark Potts returns to the juke joint and takes listeners on a musical adventure through genres and eras of jazz and more!

Saturday Night Function (2012-10-27) posted Tue Oct 30 10:40:06 2012

Marc Matheson hosts the show with classic jazz and just a taste of the blues - check it out!

Saturday Night Function (2012-10-21) posted Sun Oct 21 00:50:04 2012

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Mariah Parker and guitar innovator and music educator Matthew Montfort join host Marc Matheson in conversation, discussing Mariah's music and upcoming show at Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley.

Saturday Night Function (2012-10-14) posted Sun Oct 14 00:50:04 2012

It's Marc Matheson's turn again hosting the jook joint and tonight he welcomes some incredible zydeco and Cajun musicians who rock the house. Joining them are a few hot New Orleans jazz swingers - the place is jumpin'!