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Mike Litchfield

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I come from a long line of gypsies, sleepwalkers and amateur musicians. Mostly my people were Swamp Yankees from around the Chesapeake Bay, so it's natural that I'd feel at home in the Bay Area, where I have lived since the early 80s. I’ve earned my living as a writer for thirty years. To date, I’ve written ten books--nine about home design and renovation--and I was a founding editor of Fine Homebuilding magazine. My tenth book, “In-laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats”, was published in March, 2011.

Not surprisingly, “Swimming Upstream” with Amanda Eichstadt reflects our interests in habitats, both man-made and natural, the health of the earth, and the daily struggles (and joys) of all creatures on the planet. We’re both water freaks, so that includes the aquatic world, too. To tell the truth, we’re going to explore pretty much everything that interests us on “Swimming Upstream.” We may also require all guests to sing, as the Irish often did when they had company for dinner. So we hope our show’s a feast in all respects.