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Brian Kirven

  Host of: Learnin' Kirven  

Brian “Swervin’” Kirven studied film and creative writing at San Francisco State University, and with a bachelor of arts This bachelor, married to life as a work of art, took to the roads of North, Central and South America on various motorcycle trips spanning three years. He wound down in Tomales Bay, writing the Greater American novel, watching birds, kayaking, etc. The “Swervin’” Kirven Show’s a two-hour excursion using music and spoken word to touch upon themes of the day or take off on riffs highlighting the mood of those moments when audial lines intersect and form follows content. There can’t help but be bumps and detours along the radio highway, but don’t forget that swervin’ is not just a way of avoiding accidents and getting back on track, but also a reminder to enjoy the way of the life we’re given.