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Lyons Filmer

  Host of: The Celtic Universe   Turning Pages "At Nature's Pace"Epicenter: West Marin Affairs

On Reading Aloud: My brother Chris and I used to make up our own “Fractured Fairy Tales” which I typed up on a rackety portable typewriter our grandfather gave us, and we’d do dramatic readings from them. Our parents had a number of American musicals (“Guys & Dolls” rules!), and our father collected Jonathan Winters and Bill Cosby comedy albums. I loved learning the routines —songs and stories— and doing imitations of them. Language and wordplay that is silly, child-like, absurd, lyric, poetic, sensual are among my favorite energies to project as a voice performer. In “Turning Pages At Nature’s Pace,” it is the sense of the physical place, the landscape, and the spiritual dimension of our relationship with the natural world that moves me.

On Celtic Music: It is soothing, comforting and energizing at the same time. Divine! See Martin Hayes’ album “Lonesome Touch” for a wonderful expression of this aspect of the music.