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Mike Varley

  Host of: Running with Scissors   Bakersfield and Beyond

Bakersfield and Beyond – Music for Mavericks, Outlaws and Romantics spin tunes influenced by the Bakersfield Sound (great California music - steel guitar, hillbilly, country, folk, Americana) and beyond - rockabilly, punk, blues etc. that were inspired by the not so sleepy town at the end of the dustbowl migration. Mike can be found listening to great tunes while tuning up great bicycles at the local shop – Black Mtn. Cycles. "Bakersfield and Beyond is the best thing to happen to the Bakersfield sound since Cousin Herb Henson's Trading Post, the variety show that launched many of the biggest country stars to come out of Bakersfield.” Dr. BLT (Bruce Thiessen, PHD – Bakersfield, CA)