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Richard Dillman

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Some say Richard is a little on the obsessed side when it comes to radio. But at KWMR that's a good thing. He's been with the station since before it went on the air. These days he takes care of the transmitters, antennas and other things that make it possible to hear KWMR and he does the occasional spoken word radio show about, what else?, radio of course. In keeping with his motto "There's no such thing as too much radio", Richard is a founding member of the Maritime Radio Historical Society which has preserved and restored the famous RCA Morse code station KPH at Bolinas and Pt. Reyes, a part of west Marin since 1913. See for details. His day job is at Greenpeace where he takes care of, the radio communication used on Greenpeace direct actions. He's been with "The Firm" for 26 years and says it will take dynamite and crowbars to get him out of that job. And, oh yeah, he can drive a truck.