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Jorge Ramirez

  Host of: Aztec Pride  

Aztec Pride was formed by me Jorge Ramirez about 10 years ago .From 4-5 pm everyother mondays.The studio is founded in point reyes on every other monday.At first my older brother Ramon Ramirez started doing a show for commuaty servise to graduate from high school and i saw what he was doing and i loved how he did the show also dreamed or having my own show so i asked my brother how to do a show so he teached me and sometimes had to cover for one day i covered for him and i was doing the show my own style and lyons fillmore came in saying "ramon your doing such a great...wait wheres ramon?"i was thinking i was in trouble so i just said im his little brother and that same day i was offered to do a show all to myself just how i dreamed.i was the youngest person on kwmr doing a while other 10 year olds were playing soccer and baseball i was running my own frist the show was not aztec pride it was the chicano show and switched it to aztec pride a year after i started because i got interested in aztecs.i started playing just hip hop and rap at the start but switched to spanish(corridos,mariachi,banda) and oldies.i love doing my show every other week it is fun to do a show.this is one step i take for my life ive always wanted to be in the radio buss and this aztec pride show is forfilling my dreams so please like this page and show support also if you would like to hear the show the web link is and to make a shout out the number is (415)663-8492 ~thank you~