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Robin Carpenter

  Host of: Farm and Foodshed Report  

The Farm & Foodshed Report  

The Farm & Foodshed Report is hosted by local writer and foodshed activist - "Hunt and Gather Girl" Robin Carpenter.  Who said that Hunter Gatherers and Farmers can't get along?  Interviews with farmers, ranchers, fishermen, oystermen, chefs, artisan food makers, permaculturists, scientists, environmentalists, rabblerousers and advocates for a healthy, just and thriving food shed.

A foodshed is everything between where a food is produced and where a food is consumed - the land it grows on, the routes it travels, the markets it goes through, the tables it ends up gracing.  The term was first used in the early 20th century to describe the global flow of food, the term has recently been resurrected to discuss local food systems and ways to create more sustainable and regenerative ways of producing and consuming food.

Robin Carpenter grew up in Ragg Swamp, Alabama where she learned the finer points of storytelling and food in a land rich with tall tales and well-marbled alligators.  She's now a writer and foodshed activist keeping an eye on the food chain from her home in West Marin.  She's a staff writer for Edible Marin and Wine Country, a correspondent for Seriously Now on CMCM - TV and well as a freelance reporter for a variety of news sources.  You can keep up with her adventures at