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KWMR On-air Talent

Beth Underwood

  Host of: To Hell & Bach  

Host of To Hell and Bach: Fourth-generation Californian (rare photograph of species seen here), raised in Redondo Beach, Beth’s been living in Marin for over 25 years with her strange but true cat, El Gizmo. She puts bread on the table and cat food in the bowl by writing and editing in the wonderful world of advertising. Former professions include radio announcer/programmer, vocalist, and audio and video producer. After falling in love with radio many years ago, she’s thrilled to be part of it again—the KWMR experience is a total joy for her. To Hell & Bach professes no musical borders, and was conceived as a journey through time and genres, via historical, mythological, poetic and purely musical motifs—but ultimately, it just hopes to cock an ear, or raise an eyebrow along the way.