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Herb Kutchins
  Host of: Politics 101
KWMR News Team

George Clyde, Lynn Axelrod, Robin Carpenter, Jacoba Charles, Mark Dowie, Shari-Faye Dell, Matt Gallagher, Brenda Kohn, Herb Kutchins, Don Ll ...More...

Vicki Leeds
  Host of: The Vicarious Traveler

A first generation San Franciscan, born of Dutch and German parents who were avid travelers (her father traveled over a million miles the year she was 16) Vicki and her brother Robbie were taken on many trips during their childhood. Usually without a set itinerary, only a beginning and ending date, travel was always an adventure and it continues to be so. During the nearly forty years that Vicki h ...More...

Michael Lerner
Michael Lerner is president and and co-founder of Commonweal, the health and environmental research institute in Bolinas. He is a 35-year Bolinas resident. His work at Commonweal has focused on the Commonweal Cancer Help Program, which for 22 years has offered week-long residential retreats for cancer patients, and the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, an international partnership exploring the science of how the environment affects our health. You can find all the conversations to da ...More...
  Host of: Happy Hour

Liberacha became the spiritual bride of Liberace, after receiving a celestial visitation from his diamond-encrusted, mink-cloaked specter, one full moonlit night at a soon-to-be foreclosed Las Vegas wedding chapel. Liberacha's show, HAPPY HOUR, airs every Friday from 5 to 7 PM and features the music of the mid-century cognoscenti, including lounge lizards, jazzers, beatniks, crooners, movie stars, and members of the Rat Pack.

Liberacha's Pantheon includes: Ella Fitzgerald; Me ...More...

Mike Litchfield

I come from a long line of gypsies, sleepwalkers and amateur musicians. Mostly my people were Swamp Yankees from around the Chesapeake Bay, so it's natural that I'd feel at home in the Bay Area, where I have lived since the early 80s. I’ve earned my living as a writer for thirty years. To date, I’ve written ten books--nine about home design and renovation--and I was a founding editor of Fine Homebuilding magazine. My tenth book, “In-laws, Outlaws, and Granny Fl ...More...