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KWMR On-air Talent:

KWMR is interested in proposals for new programs. Email to contact Lyons Filmer, Program Director.

If you would like to contact one of KWMR's programmers, the best way is to email the Program Director, so she can forward your message to the host:

Programmers are listed alphabetically by last name.

John Bryant

...helps host the second hour of Swimming Upstream and Fish Tales on Wednesday mornings at 9 am.

Robin Carpenter
  Host of: Farm and Foodshed Report

The Farm & Foodshed Report  

The Farm & Foodshed Report is hosted by local writer and foodshed activist - "Hunt and Gather Girl" Robin Carpenter.  Who said that Hunter Gatherers and Farmers can't get along?  Interviews with farmers, ranchers, fishermen, oystermen, chefs, artisan food makers, permaculturists, scientists, env ...More...

Jacoba Charles
  Host of: The Story Shed, Monday Night Mixtape

Jacoba Charles was raised on a sheep ranch in Sonoma County, and went on to work as an ecologist and environmental consultant before returning to graduate school for a degree in science journalism. Today she is a freelance writer and reporter covering stories on science, environment, food and agriculture. She is the host and producer of The Story Shed, an oral history p ...More...

George Clyde
  Host of: West Marin Report

KWMR's local news is on hiatus, and George with it. But he isn't away from our airwaves forever!

George has a home in Marshall and is a former Board member of KWMR. His main day job from 1968 to 1991 was as a business lawyer in San Francisco and Hong Kong. George also has enjoyed mini-careers as a TV documentary journalist with the Center for Investigative Reporting and as a legal and “Rules Advisor” for A ...More...

Gus Conde