To say that I am stoked about the people who are involved with KWMR would be a great understatement. I am proud to be associated with the many characters including the Board, staff, volunteer programmers and our many devoted listener/supporters. I’ve been in love with this radio station since I walked in the door the very first time to fetch a West Marin Disaster Council Radio (WMDC) from Richard Dillman in 2006. In 2007 I joined as a volunteer programmer.

Fast forward to today. Ten years after setting foot in this pipsqueak station and I sit here as the ED/Station Manager as well as a volunteer programmer (oh and part time Music Director, Development Director and cat herder). It’s an all hands on deck sort of place.

Last Tuesday after buttoning up and sending out the Round Up, which featured disaster preparedness, I was at home enjoying a glass of wine when I heard sirens, then more sirens. I fired up the scanner and my WMDC radio and soon learned that there was a vegetation fire not far from where we live in Olema. This is the second fire near Olema in the same number of weeks. I could see the smoke and the planes and helicopter that arrived on scene.

Then the call from Lyons asking if we had power in Olema. Yep! No power at KWMR. Lyons Filmer fired up “Hot Juice” (the name of the backup generator at the station), and soon after Charlie Morgan was back broadcasting, all the while receiving updates from Richard Dillman. When Jim Lester and Jeff Manson arrived, Jeff took over from Charlie and Gregory DeMascio arrived to help put “Hot Juice” to bed. Jim volunteered the next day to get generator trained.

I monitored the situation and was ready to head up if needed, but the team had it all under control – teamwork! Speaking of teamwork, the Round Up newsletter is also a team effort. Programmers submit info on their upcoming shows, Mia handles the sponsorships and Calendar Club sections and Katie is behind all thing “design” at KWMR and wrangles the Staff Picks and Highlights for you.

We collaborate on pretty much everything around here and are always looking for smarter ways to work. Keep an eye out for some changes to how upcoming program highlights are featured as well as how you can learn about exciting archived programs. Change is afoot!

It’s only Tuesday and it has already been quite a week. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families and friends who were injured or killed in Las Vegas. We will miss Tom Petty, who passed away yesterday after suffering cardiac arrest.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Don’t forget to sign up with Alert Marin! And about that Air Evacuation membership.

p.p.s. Have you tipped a show yet? Different than tipping a cow, more fun for everyone involved.

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Top photo from West Marin Feed.