Ocean Activism, DACA updates, and Multiple Universes

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

Wednesday, Sep 20

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” What is shaking at the library? Bonny White will give listeners the details, while also serving as an armchair meteorologist. Updates on local initiatives around DACA, too. What happens to pets lost or abandoned in natural disasters? “Off Leash” strives to fine out and get you the info at 9 AM, and David Cook serves up another fun edition of “Fish Tales” at 9:30.

5 PM “Epicenter” To ranch or not to ranch? Seashore spokesperson Melanie Gunn opens up about the Ranch Management Plan and the next steps with the NPS lawsuit settlement.

Thursday, Sep 21

10 AM SPECIALTurning PagesThe Write Question: Jennifer Finley. An emotional interview where Jennifer Finley talks about overcoming oppression through writing and coming back to herself following a divorce. She reads several poems from her collection, My Hands Have Vertigo.

10:30 AM SPECIAL “The Write Question:” Liz Carlisle, author of Lentil Underground. Set in the farm belt of red state America, far from the farmer’s markets and haute cuisine of coastal cities, Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America confronts the global food system in one of the little known rural communities that will determine its fate.

1 PM SPECIAL “Closer to Truth: How Many Universes Exist?” Could it be that our Universe is not the only one? In fact, many scientists believe it is not. In part one, we ask: How Many Universes Exist? If we assume that there are multiple universes that really exist, it could change how we see science, humanity, even God. In part two, we ask: What Would Multiple Universes Mean?

Friday, Sep 22

8 AM “Milk Street Radio” The Kitchen Sisters report on the secret history and food of Basque sheepherders in America; the recipe for French apple cake; and the difference between mass-produced and artisan wines. Hosted by Christopher Kimball.

11 AM “Reveal” This week, Reveal teams up with “Coda Story” to look at the rise of right-wing populism in Germany’s election on September 24. Normally, Germany’s elections are subdued and predictable, but this campaign cycle has seen a rise of fake news, hate groups and right-wing politicians with a nationalist agenda. There also are allegations of Russian meddling.

Saturday, Sep 23

7 AM “Morning Glory” Greet the dawn with Anneke van der Veen.

Sunday, Sep 24

10 PM “LA Theatre Works” In the heat of wartime Beijing, a French diplomat falls under the spell of an alluring opera star, who is not all that she seems. John Lithgow and B.D. Wong recreate their original Broadway roles in the Tony-award winner M. Butterfly, by David Henry Wong.

Monday, Sep 25

8:30 AM “With Eyes Open” Grey Shepard will be guest hosting and interviewing Norma Johnson. Her Reflections…Of Race: Poems For My White Friends is a call for racial awareness straight from the heart, honest and compelling. She is a creative voice for bridging community dialogues and relationships, for social justice and healing. Several of her poems will be highlighted.

1 PM “Farm & Foodshed Report” Dr. Geoff Shester is the California Campaign Director & Senior Scientist at Oceana and will be on the air with host Robin Carpenter. They will discuss Oceana’s big victory protecting unmanaged forage fish, the latest developments on anchovy and sardine management, a big upcoming decision on protecting seafloor habitat, and how they are responding to the Trump administration’ refusal to crack down on by-catch in the swordfish drift gill-net fishery.

Tuesday, Sep 26

10 PM “After Dark” Go all-out with your living room dance moves — Doctor Eclectrick will pump up the jams.

Wednesday, Sep 27

10 AM “Turning Pages: Waves of Joy” Interviewing Sasha Abramsky, author of Jumping at Shadows: The Triumph of Fear and the End of the American Dream. “… an eye-popping analysis of our misconceptions about risk and threats … a shocking portrait of a political and cultural landscape that is, increasingly, defined by our worst fears and rampant anxieties.”