Unprepared in Houston, Avant-Garde in the 30s, and How to End Ageism

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

Wednesday, Sep 6

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Ann Bertucci pinch hits for Bonny White on weather conditions and library events — Sara Emory from the Canal Alliance talks about the changing situation with DACA — Ellen Kruger with Marin Search and Rescue coordinates the K9 program and discusses about how animals use scent to find folks on “Off Leash.” David Cook is on Fish Tales at 9:30!

Thursday, Sep 7

2 PM “Classical Thursday” Avant-Garde Music turns Populist in the 1930s.

10 PM “Get Down!” is guest-hosted by Miguel Kuntz and Jordan Bowen.

Friday, Sep 8

8 AM “Milk Street Radio” What She Ate: From Eva Braun to Helen Gurley Brown. Laura Shapiro investigates the foodways of famous women, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Eva Braun; we travel to Okinawa, Japan, for Blue Seal Ice Cream; we visit Istanbul for the best Turkish kofte; and Kenji Lopez-Alt on the science of marinades.

11 AM “Reveal” In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, this week focuses on Houston. Revisiting an investigation in partnership with the Texas Tribune, Reveal delves into Houston’s inadequate storm preparation and unearths new information from reporters on the ground, covering the aftermath.

4 PM “The French Touch” Laurent Voulzy finally made it to Brazil! He just released a new album called “Belem” that we will discover.

Saturday, Sep 9

7 AM “Morning Glory” with Anneke van der Veen.

2 PM Hawai’i Calling” with Susanna Henderson. The Scoring Stage returns in two weeks.

Sunday, Sep 10

9 AM “Sunday Celebration” of Scared Music with Chris Salak. A Bach Celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. 

2 PM “Foraging” for soul and old school R&B with Betsy Nichols.

4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” goes to pre-Beatles Britain with Rob Richards.

6 PM SPECIAL “Along for the Ride” Salsa! Gregory DeMascio, Ed Santiago and Susan Santiago join forces in creating a two-hour special, offering some of the most lively, delicious, and fiery Caribbean and New York Salsa rhythms. AYE CHIHUAHUA!

Monday, Sep 11

1 PM SPECIALInflection Point” How to End Ageism. Ashton Applewhite is on a mission as old as humanity itself — to change our attitudes about age and aging. Her book is This Chair Rocks. A Manifesto Against Ageism, and her Ted Talk received a standing ovation. She’s onto something. This week on Inflection Point, she talks with Lauren about how she plans to end what she calls “the last acceptable prejudice.”

Tuesday, Sep 12

10 AM “Toon In” Jaime Crespo goes back to the drawing board with his fellow cartoonists…. 

4:30 PM SPECIAL “The Art of Vitality” with Anna O’Malley, M.D. Time in nature, medical science, healthy eating, self-care, and compassion. 

5 PM “Epicenter” All about the healthcare town hall coming up on September 15.

7 PM Musical Varieté” Part 2 of “Memoir”, a radio drama about the last summer in the life of actress Sarah Bernhardt. Performed by Charlie Morgan and Christina Lucas.

Wednesday, Sep 13

11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” Empatía | Empathy. What is empathy?  How to cultivate and develop it, in children, teens and adults? We welcome your questions to Dr. Marisol and our guests.

2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Marching through the finest compositions… with Chris Salak.