The Bay Area Exodus, Mobilizing Resentment, and Summer Surf

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

Wednesday, Aug 9

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Ann Bertucci from the Inverness Library joins Amanda to talk library happenings. Creta and Amanda discuss animal nutrition on “Off Leash” starting at 9am. “Fish Tales” at 9:30 with special guest host! 

10 AM “Turning Pages: Magic Lantern.” Sally Phillips holds conversations with film folk.

5 PM “Epicenter” KWMR signature series “California Leavin’” Challenges to living here. Reasons to leave. Focusing on Marin and West Marin, and examining the Bay Area Exodus. Today, we touch upon what policy makers and corporations are doing to stem the tide…and we look at individual coping strategies.

Thursday, Aug 10

12 PM “Commonweal Conversations” Lewis Samuels, Making Waves on Both Sea and Land. TNS Host Steve Heilig in conversation with Bolinas-born Lewis Samuels—surfer, shark dodger, and surf writer for Surfer Magazine.

2 PM “Classical Thursday: Tripped-Out Modernism” with Robby Elfman.

6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Sir Edgar has gone over the rainbow bridge and tunes will be rooted in “the sound,” but have a decidedly scruffy theme.

Friday, Aug 11 

8 AM “Milk Street Radio” Kim Severson of The New York Times interviews famous foodies Paula Deen, Alton Brown and Thomas Keller; author Crystal King explores the food of ancient Rome; Milk Street margaritas; Christopher Kimball’s top 5 food books; and Dr. Aaron Carroll on coffee as health food.

10 AM “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight” with Janet Robbins. E.M. Forster’s A Room with A View, part 2 of 10.

12 PM “Alternative Radio” Chip Berlet explains how we can mobilize resentment.

Saturday, Aug 12

11 AM “Off-Center Sports” This week Steve and Jaime will be away, but we still have a great show! Guests will be Sa Dao of CLUBWAKA (formerly the US Kickball Association), and Bob Malowney President of the US Yo-Yo Federation. Two really informative, and fun shows in one!

Sunday, Aug 13

10 PM “LA Theatre Works” On the Caribbean island of Grenada, a violent coup leads to the collapse of its government … and a team of American spin doctors and strategists spot their chance to bolster America’s flagging international image. It’s Halcyon Days by Steven Dietz. Next time on L.A. Theatre Works.

Monday, Aug 14 

2 PM “Cruisin’” With Rick Clark.

Tuesday, Aug 15

11 AM “Questing: Where Is The Path” Author and licensed family therapist Betsy Fasbinder returns to Questing to discuss her recent novel, Fire & Water. Set in the familiar environs of San Francisco, this gripping tale weaves together the complexities of love, passion, dedication, and bi-polar disorder.

Wednesday, Aug 16

12:30 PM “Making Contact” One of the most consistently thoughtful shows that investigates social injustice.