Connecting the Dots

After spending a week in Denver with the National Federation of Community Broadcasters I was inspired to include some radio station visits in a recent trip down the coast, thankfully Ken was fully on board. He navigated us to the stations and served as photographer and collector of schwag. A visit with family in the Seattle area (where alas, we did not have time to drop in to KEXP) was our starting point. KWMR Board Member Gail Graham hosted us in Ashland, where we were fortunate to get a visit in with former KWMR programmer Carson Bench at KSKQ.

Carson Bench and Amanda Eichstaedt at KSKQ in Ashland, Oregon. Photo: Ken Eichstaedt

The next day it was south and west to Redway for a drop in at KMUD to see Simon Frech (technical director) and crew. We arrived during a Pledge Drive and were fortunate enough to help do some pitching on-air with Emma Nation and host Ed Denson, long-time host of “Don’t Get Trouble on Your Mind.”

Amanda, Emma Nation and Ed Denson pitching at KMUD. Photo: Ken Eichstaedt

Continuing south, after many stops due to the major landslides along the 101/Shoreline route along the coast, we arrived at KGUA in Gualala. There was Peggy Berryhill, flagging us down. A quick visit to the studios and some chatting with Peggy and we were back on the road.

Amanda and Peggy at KGUA. Photo: Ken Eichstaedt

Unfortunately KZYX was not on the path of travel and new GM Jeff Parker was not around to meet up, but a future trip to another north coast station is in order. It’s great to know what we have in common, and what our differences are in serving our local communities. Keep these stations in mind the next time you are cruising up the coast and tune in to the local flavor!

  • KGUA in Gualala, CA 88.3 FM
  • KMUD in Redway, CA 91.1 FM
  • KZYX in Fort Bragg, CA 88.1 FM
  • KSKQ in Ashland, OR 89.5 FM

These are but a few of the small but mighty broadcast forces that exist all over the nation, bringing homegrown radio to listeners!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

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