Vroom vroom

After returning from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters conference, I’m energized. In rooms full of people who are committed to community broadcasting, we had all “found our people.” And the sharing of ideas commenced! I think some good collaborations will flow from the connections made. It was fun and I’m very happy to be home. We have such a great crew of people involved with KWMR! Hooray!

Changes in the world of donated jalopies: Upon my return there was an envelope in the mail from the Center for Car Donations, car donations are a great way to support KWMR. We have worked with Jacquie Elliott, the President of Center for Car Donations for many moons. She and her team are great. Jacquie is retiring! The Center for Car Donations will be merging with CARS, a California based 501c3 that currently works with 2,600 non-profits to help them get revenue from the donation of vehicles. We got to meet the new folks, and lucky us, our trusty Center for Car Donations rep, Tom Bidot, will be joining CARS! The process will remain seamless for y’all, but we like you to know what is going on. A big thank you to Jacquie for all her support over the years!

I grabbed some breakfast the morning I was heading back and ran into two colleagues, David Klann from WDRT in Wisconsin and Simon Frech from KMUD. Simon was driving back to California an David heading to the airport. Well, what do you know, David was wearing a KWMR t-shirt (why I did not take a photo is beyond me). I asked him where he got it and he said that his sweetie had come to Point Reyes to do some writing at the Mesa Refuge, was interviewed by Lyons Filmer on KWMR and brought him a t-shirt! Small world.

The smaller world story was when we were out one evening chatting with Susan Rabycuck from outside of Austin Texas about her radio station – KWVH (a brand new LPFM). Not sure how we got on the topic, but suffice it to say that we have a Raul, they have a Rafael, both are programmers, both are married to retired school teachers, who….are excellent quilters! What are the chances?

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

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Mia and Amanda getting all “Public Media” on everyone!       photo: Travis Bernard