What is the NFCB?

MISSION: The NFCB provides services that advance public media organizations to best serve their communities.


KWMR has been a proud member for many years. The NFCB was formed in 1978 and is still going strong. In fact, bringing those of who provide community-based media together to share best practices, learn from one another and get to know each other. We work in silos. Each in our own community, and although collaboration is often encouraged via funding sources or other schemes, it rarely sticks. Stations that are rural in nature and spend their time working within their communities, just don’t have time to work together much. The NFCB does administer a very helpful list-serve, where station staff can query each other about specific issues. It is very helpful.

Mia Johnson and I are at the NFCB conference! As you read this, we are in a different time zone. The conference this year is in Denver and it spans three days. There are four different “tracks” of information for us to absorb and bring back to our respective mother-ships: Content, Engagement, Revenue and Tech. We plan to soak up a bit of each with a likely emphasis on “Revenue.” We appreciate the opportunity to be here!

While here, I am moderating a panel on Digital Music Libraries. This is something I am very interested in learning about. If you have been to KWMR, you have seen our “walls” of CDs, organized with colorful duct tape labels. In reality, most KWMR music programmers bring in their own tunes, either on their computer or other device, or in boxes and crates of CDs and vinyl. It would be nice to have a big fat music library, sort of like Itunes on steroids, where you could type in a search, find a song, queue it up, and play it for the listeners. Some stations do this, and I plan to see how it is going for them.

After returning, it’s back to work on our summer activities! Don’t forget to pencil (oh heck, just use a pen!) us into your calendar!

A 4-day on-air fundraising drive (August 18-21). National Radio Day is Sunday, August 20th!
A philanthropic dinner at Saltwater Oyster Depot on Tuesday, August 22nd
KWMR will be at Parachute Days, Saturday, August 26th at Love Field
A Give Back Tuesday evening at Iron Springs on Tuesday, August 29th.

We will also have a presence at several Point Reyes Farmers Markets this summer. Look for us, and get your new KWMR bumper sticker from our awesome volunteers! We will have bumper stickers, pins and other fun things available for small donations to the radio station.

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s Have you seen the new KWMR bumper stickers? Get em while they are HOT!