Procession, Cavalcade, March!

Western Weekend has come and gone. KWMR marched with our big Communications Van that we share with the West Marin Disaster Council (thank you Richard Dillman!) We invited folks from PG&E and the Marin County Department of Public Works to join us so we could, as a community, thank them for their speedy responses on the many road closures, slides and downed power lines that we experienced this past winter. Alas, the Sunday presentation of said trucks would result in big overtime. I do think they missed out on a great PR opportunity.

So cardboard trucks it was! The Tomales Bay Youth Center was up for the challenge of making the trucks. Mike at Black Mtn. Cycles sported us the cardboard boxes, we had some left over paint and “voila!” Trucks!

It was such a treat to see John Roche with his herd of pack animals from Elephant Mountain Adventures, all sporting KWMR bandanas! John was a champion last year when KWMR buried the time capsule on Black/Elephant Mountain. He dug the hole and drove all of us part way up the mountain! We are planning an excursion with the goats to visit the site this summer!

One of the downsides to being IN the parade is you don’t really get to SEE the parade. You get to see the folks in front of you and behind you. We were thankfully surrounded by entertaining, lovely parade participants so our time pre-parade was well spent with one another. We did finish in time to check out the first place award winning West Marin School Kids Who Rock float.

The parade was great! Kudos to the Lions Club and the West Marin Rotary for their hard work (yeah Madeline, Frank and Rhonda!). I know how hard everyone worked to make it happen. Doug Pittman and the Sheriff crew were awesome to keep the road closed for a bit longer, allowing folks to hang out and enjoy the day.

Jeff, Susan, Eva, Christina, Charlie, Travis, Amanda, Loretta, Sally, Paul, Janet, Emmanuel, Dr. Joe, Loretta, Gus, Kath, Lyons, Gregory, Richard and Scruffy (at the end of the leash!). Photo: Sally Phillips

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s.  Daggie Golf Tournament registration closing soon! If you want to play, let us know ASAP!

p.p.s. And don’t forget about KWMR’s birthday party on June 26!