“People change and forget to tell each other.”

                                                                      – Lillian Hellman

Dear Round Up readers: Thank you for your edits, your “opens,” and for your support of local community media. KWMR would not exist without your support.

Last week I mentioned that we were going to be making some changes to the Round Up. We were noticing that as our content grew, the newsletter got longer and would get cut off, and we feared that folks might be missing content. If we are going spend a good portion of Tuesday creating content, folks may as well be able to see it.

Starting today the “Highlights” will be moving to the website with a new moniker, “Future Broadcasts.” There will be a link and this will take you to the beloved highlights – what is coming up on KWMR. Same great info, just a click away.

We stared the “Staff Picks” recently and have found them to be a great resource. Staff all listen to KWMR, and between six of us, we throw in our biased preferences. “Staff Picks” are gone and now we have “The Best of the Archives.” This will be based on highlighting many more of our great program archives. We hope that you will explore these treasures.

Archives are posted for two weeks on the website. No need to make an appointment to listen to an archive, just click on it and listen! I listen to archives of programs that I have missed and m so grateful for this option. I also listen to the radio obsessively and love hearing the live programming, the many personalities bringing us information, music and local flair. You can even search the archives for your favorites.

Some folks are resistant to change, others are obsessed with it. I get excited when we come up with new ways of doing things. There is a lot of collaboration here at KWMR, and we value your input. Please let us know what you think? Email me HERE.

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director
p.s. Do you want to send some love to a programmer that brightens your day? Use the “Tip This Show” button and throw down some support for community radio while brightening the day of a worthy volunteer!p.p.s. Speaking of changes, KWMR received funding from the West Marin Fund for the development of an IOS and Android friendly APP. Stay tuned!