Playboys, A Loveless Marriage, and What It Takes To Win

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

Wednesday, May 10

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Bonny White from Marin County Free Library is back in the armchair (for meteorologists). Learn what is happening with the Intrepid News Fund. Madeline comes in at 9 with Trash to Treasure and Fish Tales starts at 9:30 sharp! Your host David Cook will wow you with his culinary bravado!

11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Communidad” Apoyo y Ayuda para Mamá | Support and Help for Mothers.

Thursday, May 11

8 AM “Pieces of Peace” Soul Portraits artist, Jill Culver, discusses her unique form of intuitive portraiture used in her paintings, along with her new book titled Soul StirringsAlso, Jennifer Malone, Executive Director of The Spahr Center, discusses their mission to serve, support and empower Marin’s LBGTQ community, along with all individuals affected by HIV.

9 AM SPECIAL Relationships between humans and other animals can be deeply complex. We delve into how humans can help the honeybee, and how our behavior might change if some animals were considered non-human persons.

11 PM “Under The Needle” We air a set from up-and-comers, Austra. Via KEXP.

Friday, May 12

9 AM “Speaking of Women” With guest Heather Guidone, Program Director at the Center For Endometriosis Care, who explains how endometriosis is much more than “killer cramps”. She will explain some of its causative theories, how it can lead to reduced egg counts and other causes of infertility, that it is often misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.

12 PM “Alternative Radio” Kshama Sawant discusses What It Takes To Win.

Saturday, May 13

7 AM “Morning Glory” Is clear as a bell along the seashore. With Anneke van der Veen.

Sunday, May 14

4 PM SPECIAL “To Hell And Bach and Between Rock And A Jazz Place” It’s a four hour show about the bass: electric, acoustic and synthesized. Grey Shepard will be speaking with musician and Bass historian Mark Von Bergen and playing many examples of the bass through out recorded history.

10 PM “LA Theatre Works” In the Bronx in 1933, a Jewish family struggles to make ends meet. Their daughter is trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience; the family’s bitter war veteran lodger tries to pry the daughter away from her hapless husband; while the family patriarch rails against the evils of capitalism. It’s Clifford Odets’ masterpiece, Awake and Sing! Next time on L.A. Theatre Works.

Monday, May 15

12 PM SPECIAL “Delicious Revolution” substitutes for “The Farm and Foodshed Report” while Robin Carpenter takes a sabbatical. Robin returns July 10.

Tuesday, May 16


5 PM “Epicenter” Herb Kutchins hosts Karen Grey of Point Reyes Village Association. They will discuss the newly formed Coastal Villages Association that consists of a number of West Marin village associations, and will attempt to create an overall political bloc for West Marin.

Wednesday, May 17

10 AM SPECIAL “Turning Pages” The Playboy of the Western World, a Comedy in Three Acts by John Millington Synge. On the original LPs, this performance stars Siobhán McKenna and Cyril Cusack; recorded in Dublin, Ireland in June 1955. When the play premiered in Dublin, January 1907, it caused a riot “and was deplored by the Irish critics as being not only repellent but also pointless.”

Thursday, May 18

10 AM SPECIALTurning Pages” The second half of The Playboy of the Western World, a Comedy in Three Acts by John Millington Synge.