Running From The Cops, Losing Your Marbles, and the Intrepid News Fund

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

Wednesday, May 3

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Ann Bertucci is pinch hitting for Bonny White on Marin County Free Library information this week. Learn all about CULTR — what do you think it means? Culture, or See You Later? Find out from Suzanne Speh. Bobby Foehr joins Amanda and Creta on “Off Leash” to discuss keeping backyard chickens. Bobby runs Coastal Hill Farm and knows his poultry. David Cook in at 9:30am for “Fish Tales.”

10 AM SPECIAL “Turning Pages” With Mesa Refuge Writers Retreat residents: Bob Friedman, founder of the Corporation for Economic Development, and Anja Claus of Center for Humans and Nature in Chicago.

11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” La Salud Sicológica de Nuestros Trabajadores | The Psychological Health of our Workers.

4 PM “Youth DJ Project” It’s The Lounge from Tomales Bay Youth Center!

Thursday, May 4

10 AM “Turning Pages: Radio Bookmobile” with Pat Holt, Jan Dederick, and Myn Adess. What writing and writers has the Bookmobile rolling along?

12 PMCommonweal Conversations” Integrative Physician Anna O’Malley with TNS Host Michael Lerner on “The Ecology of Community Medicine.”  Anna provides primary care at Coastal Health Alliance, and co-directs the Art of Vitality program at the Regenerative Design Institute’s, Commonweal Garden.

1 PM “Let’s Talk” Bicyclists. Most of us have experienced, while tootling pleasantly along in a car at a brisk but safe speed towards our workplace or appointment in and around West Marin, entering a winding and hilly stretch of road and being confronted by a pack of cyclists in our lane. How did you deal with the situation? Have you ever passed dangerously just to get past them? Does this group-ride phenomenon sit well with you?

2 PM “Classical Thursday” with the unstoppable Chris Salak.

4 PM SPECIAL On Mothers Day in Mexico, KWMR airs The Moth Radio Hour special dedicated to Mothers. A woman who has never wanted children suddenly questions her choice, a little girl gets angry at her mother and runs away from home, a son struggles at his mother’s deathbed, and a man finds a mother’s love in unconventional ways. Hosted by The Moth Radio Hour Producer, Jay Allison (with help from his mom).

10 PM “Get Down!” Leah and Danny are delighted to be joined again by psych-rock poster and collage artist Camille Johnson. Camille has a rad record collection, expect to hear some juicy tracks this week

Friday, May 5

10 AMTurning Pages: Reader’s Delight” Begins a new book: Agnes Grey, from the third Bronte sister, Anne Bronte. Published in 1847, this first novel is based on Anne Bronte’s own experiences when she left home and worked as a governess before becoming a writer. The book is both an expose of the plight of an English governess in Victorian times, but also a love story of kindness and compassion.

11 AMReveal” Running from Cops. You’ve heard national stories about black men dying at the hands of police officers. On this episode, Reveal teams up with WYPR to explore the consequences of fleeing from the police with two stories that haven’t received national attention, both set in Baltimore.

12 PM “Alternative Radio” Vandana Shiva talks Eco-Social Justice on the Global Frontlines.

Saturday, May 6

7 AMMorning Glory” Live with Anneke van der Veen.

11 AM “Off-Center Sports” Expands to One Hour! They’re round, have been played with since ancient times, and they even have a National Tournament. What are we talking about? Marbles! This week’s guest is Doug Watson, the winner of the 1999 National Marbles Tournament, and he has been inducted not once, but twice into the Marbles Hall Of Fame. Join us as we discuss the fun, and sometimes intensely competitive world of Marbles.

2 PMThe Scoring Stage” pulls back the curtain with Susan Lockwood.

Sunday, May 7

9 AMSunday Celebration” of Gospel with guest host Bill Steele.

10 PM “L.A. Theatre Works” A world-famous author and theologian receives a visitor from abroad. But as their lives become intertwined, he learns to embrace the joy and the pain of human love. Shadowlands by William Nicholson, starring Martin Jarvis as C.S. Lewis and Harriet Harris as Joy Gresham. Next time on L.A. Theatre Works.

Monday, May 8

10 AMTurning Pages: At Nature’s Pace” Janet Robbins begins a new book! Helena Attlee’s delightful journey through Italy, The Land Where Lemons Grow, using the history of its fabulous sun-drenched citrus groves as its guide. Recipes included!

12 PM “Farm and Foodshed Report” With Dr. Geoff Shester, the California Campaign Director for Oceana, discussing the collapse of the northern sardine subpopulation that ranges along the Pacific coast from Baja to British Columbia.

6:30 PM “Release Me” Simon Linsteadt from Steep Ravine will join Amanda to talk about their new album. Plus, lots of brand new tunes to share.

Tuesday, May 9

11 AM “Questing: Where Is The Path?” Jane’s guest will be Betsy Graziani Fasbinder, who married a widower with a young son. Their new family fashioned itself with loss and love as their foundation, and tenderness and commitment as their guides. Filling Her Shoes relates how a regular family formed in an irregular way.

4:30 PM Youth DJ Project: “The Wave” with Brian Delahunty.

5 PMEpicenter” Lyons Filmer talks about Medicare with Lowell Krepke and WM Senior Services’ Mark Solomons.

Wednesday, May 10

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Bonny White from Marin County Free Library is back in the armchair (for meteorologists). Learn what is happening with the Intrepid News Fund. Madeline comes in at 9 with Trash to Treasure and Fish Tales starts at 9:30 sharp! Your host David Cook will wow you with his culinary bravado!

10 AM “Turning Pages: Waves of Joy” Claire Dederer, Love and Trouble: A Midlife Reckoning (a surprising and subversive memoir).

2 PMClassical Wednesday” is hosted by concert pianist Paul Smith.