Freedom of Choice

Remember making the perfect mixtape? Figuring out the flow of the songs and making them fit perfectly on each side of a cassette tape? Not just the right arrangement, but the song was the right length to end exactly when the tape ended. Maybe you made one for your best friend, or for a party. I worked with a guy on a farm on the east coast when I was young. He was a pretty big stoner, and in the evenings he would make mixtapes with his running commentary on them. He called them WUHF, “ultra high frequently.” Just tunes and his ramblings, exposing me to really great music.

KWMR programmers are musical curators. The fact that they get to choose what to play for you is key. KWMR doesn’t tell anyone what to play. Whether it is “random music randomly,” blues, Celtic, rock, French pop, or opera. This is the beauty of “noncom” or non commercial radio. I’m really proud of the music shows on KWMR.

I was reviewing some tunes for “Release Me,” this past weekend while pondering music shows on KWMR. There are roughly 42 unique music programs hosted by a total of 50 different people. Each music host brings expertise, love and passion for the music that they play. In KWMR’s financial audit, Note #4 states that volunteer hours for programming in 2015 were equal to 4,192 (total on-air hours for all local programming), which, if paid for would cost KWMR over $100,000 at $24/hour. This is merely the direct time “in” the studio and does not include prep time. Interview shows often require even more preparation. What an amazing volunteer commitment.

We have something for everyone, and I’m guessing we may have something that you would really dig. KWMR programmers are creating a mixtape of sorts for you each time they go on the air. If you like what you are hearing, consider “tipping a show.” This new feature is a great way to support KWMR. Programmers are pretty stoked when their show gets tipped.

KWMR is a mix of music, talk and public affairs. You can listen to music most every night from 6:30 pm on,in the afternoons and even more on the weekends. Music shows are archived for 14 days at

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

P.S. I got quite a bit of flack for stating the “open rate” of these newsletters – some thought it was desperately low. I did a bit of research and 556 of you opened the newsletter email! ¬†Thank you all for caring, reading what we write and supporting KWMR!

P.P.S Happy Earth Day!