Seu Jorge sings Bowie, The Misanthrope, Racial Equality

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on….

Wednesday, April 12
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Ann Bertucci and Amanda will discuss library happenings. Get the skinny on the Environmental Action Committee’s annual Bird Fest. Madeline Hope is on at 9am with Trash to Treasure and the Recycle Circus is coming up on April 23rd. Get the full scoop! David Cook with Fish Tales at 9:30am.

10 AM “Waves of Joy” Joy interviews Mary Otto, author of “Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America.”
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” ¡Alto al Abuso Infantil!  Stop Child Abuse!
4 PM Special “Degrees of Separation: Origins.” From With Good Reason. The great promise of public education is equality–an excellent education for every child. And yet, there’s a sense — from nearly every side of the debate — that America is falling short of that promise. In the first of a special six-part series, With Good Reason returns to the origins of education in the ancient Mediterranean to trace how learning has changed from then to today.
5 PM “Epicenter” Affordable housing update with Kim Thompson and Ruth Lopez of CLAM.


 April 13
8 AM “Pieces of Peace” Guests are Milana Baazov, Associate Executive Director of The Blue Card whose mission is to provide financial assistance to needy Holocaust survivors. Also, Laynee Bluebird Reyna, a descendant of the Eastern Woods people, will discuss her work as a “Painter of Spirit”.
9 AM Special “Working Class Histories” from With Good Reason. Tracking the history under your feet – how enterprising outsiders shaped working class neighborhoods – the truths about homelessness. 10 AM Turning Pages Special “The Witches of Lublin.” Lublin, Poland, 1797: While they prepare for Passover, a family of female Jewish klezmer musicians struggles for survival, but when music and love prove not enough, only the unthinkable can save them.
11 PM “Under the Needle” featuring Brazilian guitarist Seu Jorge, this time playing covers of David Bowie.

Friday, April 14
11 AM “Reveal” “If You Can’t Afford A Lawyer” A New Orleans state-appointed lawyer refuses to represent people who can’t pay. A follow up to last year’s story.
Noon “Alternative Radio” Geoffrey Stone on “The Fight for Free Speech on Campus.”
2 PM “Classical Friday” Anneke hosts a program featuring English composers.
4 PM “The French Touch” Listen to The French Touch with Emmanuel, presenting you todays’ and yesterdays French pop music with large choirs as a background.  Contact for details and requests.
5 PM “Happy Hour” Liberacha unveils some newly acquired vintage vinyl, perfect for those listeners with a thirst for mid-century B-movie soundtracks and a gristle-tinged serving of soul jazz. Tune in for the sonic intrigue!

7 PM “Bring It On Home” will honor the patriarch of rock and roll, Chuck Berry. In 1977 the Voyager space craft launched a treasures trove of earth’s cultural achievements. Johnny B. Goode was the only rock and roll song included. In 1987, the first intelligible signal from outer space was received. In 1990. three years laterearth scientists were finally able to translate the alien message, it said simply, “Send More Chuck Berry.” We will be playing covers of his songs by a few of his disciples, Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix and others. Join us in remembering the man who made rock and roil possible.

Saturday, April 15
7 AM “Morning Glory” Anneke brings you Spring….on-air!

Sunday, April 16
10 PM “LA Theare Works” presents “The Misanthrope.” Molière went beyond his usual comic inventiveness to create a world of rich, complex characters, especially in the cynical title character Alceste.

Monday, April 17
8:30 AM Special “Listen Up: Music & Politics” from With Good Reason. One man’s quest to free Africa’s historical recordings from the colonial archives – Teaching hip-hop diplomats how to use music for peace – The struggle for racial equality in the world of jazz – Composers who broke down stereotypes of blackness.

Tuesday, April 18
2 PM “Desde La Bahia” If you haven’t heard this show yet…Maria Marquez has great taste in music…perfect for a relaxing AND productive Tuesday afternoon.
4:30 PM “Youth DJ Project” Brian’s back with “The Wave.”