Changing the System, Life Before The Internet, Vintage Valentines

Our upcoming special programs, starting on:

Wednesday, Feb 8

Photo courtesy Richard Dillman

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Bonny White from Marin County Free Library joins Amanda to discuss the weather and various other library-related happenings. David Cook comes in for an extended Fish Tales with a special guest — hint: cheese, an anniversary. And “Why do they call it that?” Amanda engages with Dewey Livingston on the names of places in Marin.

Thursday, Feb 9

11 PM SPECIAL “Under the Needle” It’s a Clash-themed show with performances by Mike Doughty, The Wedding Present, Polyrhythmics, and Chris Ballew, recorded at KEXP over the course of 2016.

6:30 PM “Bakersfield & Beyond” Immigrants and the Bakersfield Sound. Honky Tonk wouldn’t be Honky Tonk without the input of various immigrants, from Okies to that Latin backbeat.

Friday, Feb 10

11 AM “Reveal” In 1988, two powerful explosions shook Kansas City, Missouri, killing six firefighters. Nine years later, five people were convicted of arson and sent to prison for life – but were they innocent? Reveal investigates problems in the case and whether federal agents pressured witnesses to lie. This month, one of the defendants will make his case for freedom before a federal judge.

12 PM “Alternative Radio” Arun Gupta lectures on “Changing the System.”

4 PM “The French Touch” Joyeuse Saint Valentin – Lots of French love songs are cued up!

Saturday, Feb 11


11 AM “Off-Center Sports” Have you ever considered doing something that seems undoable? This week’s guests are Captain Jason Caldwell, and team member Matthew Brown of Latitude 35. These two gentlemen along with 2 other teammates rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. Not only did they complete the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, but they Smashed the World Record with a time of 35 days, 13 hours, 33 minutes, and 4 seconds. Join Steve and Jaime as they discuss what it takes to complete such an incredible race.

11:30 AM SPECIAL “What Matters Most” with Susannah Baldwin, Ph.D.  Soon enough, nobody will remember life before the Internet. The End of Absence explores the loss of lack. The daydreaming silences in our lives are filled; the burning solitudes are extinguished. There’s no true “free time” when you carry a smartphone. Today’s rarest commodity is the chance to be alone with your own thoughts.

Sunday, Feb 12

4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” It’s February 1962 and the elements of what was soon to explode into “Swinging London” are falling into place with jazzy vocals from Lyn Cornell, Helen Shapiro and Tony Sheveton alongside Buddy Brittan’s proto-Merseybeat and a #1 hit (with some controversy) from The Shadows! And don’t miss one of John Barry’s earliest film soundtracks, “Beat Girl”! Not to mention a bevy of Joe Meek productions to top it all off! With lots more British pop, rock, trad-jazz and bluebeat, all released in February 1962!

10 PM “LA Theatre Works” 1960’s Harlem was a crowded, crumbling neighborhood where jobs were scarce and life was a daily struggle. For some, turning to a life of crime was better than living in poverty. Glynn Turman stars in the groundbreaking work Ceremonies in Dark Old Men by Lonne Elder III. Next time on L.A. Theatre Works.

Monday, Feb 13

10 AM “Turning Pages: At Nature’s Pace” Janet Robbins begins our next book: The Klamath Knot—Explorations of Myth and Evolution by David Rains Wallace. It’s a personal vision of wilderness in the Klamath Mountains of northwest California and southwest Oregon, seen through the lens of “evolutionary mythology.” David Rains Wallace uses his explorations of the diverse ecosystems in this region to ponder the role of evolution and myth in our culture.

4 PM “Art of the Song” Featuring Rebecca Loebe. Since quitting her job as an audio engineer, Rebecca has received numerous songwriting accolades including the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Award.

Tuesday, Feb 14

10 PM NEW SHOW “19seventy Jim” The first show will highlight soft rock and love songs of the 70’s to celebrate Valentine’s day. In the second half of the show we will shift gears into hard rock. Since we can all hear the rock hits of the 70’s on any classic rock station we will dig into deeper cuts from obscure and forgotten bands of the era.

Wednesday, Feb 15

11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” Para Parejas: ¿Cómo Conocernos, Conectarnos, Convivir, Colaborar? | For Couples: How to Strengthen our Connection and Collaboration?

4 PM SPECIAL “Raw Truth! An MLK Tribute with the Boston Children’s Chorus.” Recorded live at New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall. Featuring BCC’s critically acclaimed youth ensembles and GRAMMY-winning guest artist Roomful of Teeth, this powerful program of music explores the racial divide that still exists in our country.