A tradition of song and radio love

The file for this KWMR event reads “SOTR” and there is one each year going back as far as I know. I think KWMR might have skipped on year way back when, and in trying to sort out the exact number of concerts a few years ago, I finally gave up. But more than ten years of amazing performances. This year we have Sirima Sataman and Rick Didia emceeing the event, and Hog Island Oyster will host an oyster bar! Paul Knight assisted with booking the talent and musician Renee Harcourt designed the poster. Renee performs with Blame Sally and is the “Renee” of Dear John Love Renee.

SOTR stands for Sweethearts of the Radio, a long-standing tradition. Tickets are selling and we hope that you grab yours and get the $25 advance pricing, admission is $30 at the door if there are seats remaining. Get your tickets HERE.

A KWMR programmer who purchased tickets is excited to attend and is doing so in order to have a “date night,” while also supporting local, public media – something that she cares about, in her words “especially these days.” And these days have been rainy, but Saturday, February 11, 2017 is slated to be a nice and sunny day – and a good evening for attending a local music event! We hope you will join us.

And our pals at the Dance Palace Community Center have a brand spanking new sound system that Burton will tune up for some great sound! Check out the videos of the performers below to get a taste of what is in store for attendees.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director on behalf of the whole crew here at KWMR!

P.S. Attention Bolinas/Stinson listeners. Please let us know by emailing HERE if you are experiencing drop outs, or if there are fewer or more than usual. Your feedback is critical to solving this problem.

Traffic tip of the week!

The CalTrans Quick Map

We get a lot of calls here at KWMR inquiring about traffic and road closures. In addition to listening to KWMR for updates, you can take matters into your own hands. There is even an App for your smartphone. Just go to the above Quickmap Link and choose the settings that you want to see, such as closed lanes, road closures etc. Not every single issue will show up on this map: localized flooding such as levee road does not register for the Quickmap, but it will at least tell you if the major roadways in and out of West Marin are closed.