Why Care?

Clearly, I give a hoot about this topic. I better, I was hired to oversee your local radio station, and alongside a small staff we make it happen. I must take a moment to remind folks how incredibly cool it is that we have a local radio station. FCC licenses are hard to get, and we have one! This enables us to provide a forum for local voices, educate both youth and adults about broadcasting and be here for the community when the chips are down. As Mia Johnson coined, “When we are deep in the goo, we are here for you.”

This just in from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters: Media reports indicate the current administration will make cuts that will hurt non-commercial media outlets across the United States. The arts, news, culture and music audiences know and love will likely die should these drastic cuts take place. Community media and its friends nationwide must stand up now to support of the vision President Johnson forwarded more than two generations ago. More from NFCB HERE

For some perspective, our little radio station – KWMR has a budget of about $400K per year, roughly 25% of that comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Please understand that at this juncture KWMR is not crying “Wolf!” but we are monitoring the situation and will be working to provide CPB with information for their upcoming System Technology Assessment, so that they can best understand the needs of current public media. KWMR is a member of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) and they are also keenly interested in making sure the membership gets important information in a timely manner and we are already organizing.

I recently made some donations, including to KWMR, to help ensure that the media outlets that I care about have support. This is a great time to show your support for such outlets. You can support KWMR by clicking HERE. And there is a BRAND NEW  way that you can show support for “specific” programs that you love. You can “tip a show” on KWMR now.

KWMR is “out of this world!”

I had a great response on the CD give away. I should have time next week to fulfill your wishes, but a note to y’all. I don’t have a lot of old material.  Mostly newer stuff, so I’ll try my best to fulfill your wishes, but no promises.

If you would like a surprise pack of CDs from me, to you (you can let me know your genre preferences) just email me HERE. I’ll provide you with 10 CDs – they are yours to keep, regift, listen to etc. I do not want them back.



Show your support for local, “out of this world,” community radio!

Click HERE. KWMR is a 501c3.

Join the monthly sustaining donor program, “The Calendar Club.” You can do that HERE, or give us a call at 415-663-8068, Ext 106 and speak to Mia.

Do you have an aged car, boat, truck, or motorcycle? You can donate it to KWMR. Info HERE or call 1-888-KWMR-AUTO to make the convenient arrangements.

Got “mad skills?” Maybe there is something that you can do to help KWMR. Volunteer your time and expertise. Call or email amanda@kwmr.org, 415-663-8068, Ext 104. We often need volunteers at events and during Pledge Drives.

Does your employer match your donations? We can make this happen! Currently several donors take advantage of this employee perk, and double their contributions to KWMR!

KWMR can accept stock donations. This is a great way to support your favorite radio station. Information for your broker: Vanguard Account Number: 566-20940 DTC #0062.

Tell your friends and neighbors about KWMR. Believe it or not, some people who frequent or live in West Marin may not be aware of this resource that is chock-full of great audio AND will get you verified road closure, evacuation and other emergency information. That itself is a gift!

We love our listener supporters!

Amanda Eichstaedt 
Station Manager and Executive Director on behalf of the whole crew here at KWMR!