Trash to Treasure: My Story

I have always subscribed to the theory of “three moves is as good as a fire.” As a rolling stone, I gathered little moss (i.e. stuff) for a good portion of my adult life. I moved seven times, three across country, over an eight year period. Many of those moves were just me, my dog, and my stuff – in my hatchback, heading to a new location for my job. Fast forward to now. Twelve years ago I put down some roots and combined my stuff with my husband’s stuff, and continued to accumulate things at an average pace.
In about one month we are moving. It’s just a short move, next door to where we currently live. I’ve done this before, so I know that the concept of carrying things over in the laundry hamper is NOT going to work (it didn’t before). This is, however, an excellent opportunity to take stock of what we have, and see what we might jettison so that we don’t have to move it at all. Not entirely true, since even to get rid of stuff, you have to move it.

If you are going to systematically remove things from your life, this is a GREAT place to do it. There are ample resources for doing just that. Starting with the West Marin Commons site where one can offer things for free or for sale to community members (limited schlepping involved usually). Then the West Marin Community Services Thrift Store – what a great spot for taking things that other might want, mostly smaller items, that can find a new home and help fund a fellow non-profit. Also, what about all my cool friends who have taken up hobbies that I have abandoned. They get some fun gifts from me!

Now is the time to burn all my CDs onto my hard drive, and then it’s bye bye CDs! Many boxes of books have gone to the The Book Place in Novato, a spot that is a friend organization to the Marin County Libraries! They take CDs, too! Some precious things will be gifted to dear friends. I’ll also take some things to Renew Computers if there isn’t an electronics recycling day soon.

I’m constantly checking myself to be sure I don’t get too into throwing things out, the last thing I want is a heap of regret, pining for some small object that got thrown out with the dishwater of my fervent purging of STUFF. But thoughtfully removing stuff from your life can feel really, really good.

Ok, you are saying to yourself, “Based on that cartoon of your desk, we had you pegged as a hoarder!” Nope, mostly I’m just busy and things stack up, but I love me a good cleaning. In fact, looking around this office there is some stuff that needs to hit the high road! If you would like a surprise pack of CDs from me, to you (you can let me know your genre preferences) just email me HERE. I’ll provide you with 10 CDs – they are yours to keep, regift, listen to etc. I do not want them back.

So here is to the many resources and resourceful people that make it possible to shed stuff responsibly. Thank you Madeline Hope for your fine example getting rid of things responsibly. You can hear her every other week on KWMR in the morning with her program, “Trash to Treasure.” In fact, we will be talking trash tomorrow morning!


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Amanda Eichstaedt 
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