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and Tuesday, January 26

Breaking News
A 77-year-old Nicasio woman remained missing on Monday afternoon after her car was found in a parking lot at the Point Reyes National Seashore.  Silvia Lange is known for being an avid hiker and was apparently out with her dogs on Sunday since one of them found its way to Park Headquarters, which is how the search began. Anyone with information or who might have seen Ms. Lange is asked to call the Park Service dispatch office at 415-464-5170.

Marine Mammal Commission to Scrutinize Harbor Seal Disturbances in Drakes Estero by Kayakers, Hikers and Equestrians
When the national Marine Mammal Commission comes to West Marin for public hearings in February, they’ll be looking at whether  kayakers, hikers and horseback riders disturb the harbor seals in Drakes Estero, in addition to Drakes Bay Oyster Company.  George Clyde talks with Dr. Corey Goodman and Gordon Bennett about the implications of the expanded study, and with Dr. Tim Ragen of the Marine Mammal Commission about what to expect at the hearings.

Movin’ On Up!
The Marin County Deputy Zoning Administrator will hear from  Bolinas property owner Stephen Hodge on Thursday who wants to move a 640 square foot residence from where it sits on Horseshoe Hill, to a spot on the Bolinas Mesa.

Woodacre: Salmon Plan Prompts Report to Deputies
Sheriff deputies took a report from a citizen in Woodacre on Saturday regarding the proposed Salmon Enhancement Plan.  The citizen provided the deputies with a copy of the plan because they expect tempers to flare after they file a federal lawsuit on the matter!

Harold (Hal) Evans
Marshall resident Hal Evans has passed away at 92.


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and Thursday, January 28


Missing Persons Update
Has missing Nicasio resident Silvia Lange been dragged out to sea by a sneaker wave?  It’s a possibility, says the National Park Service’s John Golda.  Lange’s disappearance is the second inside of a month at the Point Reyes National Seashore, the first being Alameda resident Katherine Truitt.  We discuss the matter with Golda and the hazards of walking on the beach during West Marin’s winter storm season.


Bolinas loses a main thoroughfare
As a result of the recent storms and erosion of the cliff, Terrace Avenue in Bolinas has been closed indefinitely. KWMR listener Don Read calls in a report on our newsline. 


Feasibility Studies for Woodacre and Marshall Community Septic Systems
Feasibility studies for two community septic systems in West Marin will be commenced soon as the Board of Supervisors approved funding on Tuesday, George Clyde reports.  Supervisor Steve Kinsey describes the projects in Marshall and Woodacre, and Woodacre resident Dave Anderson explains how solving the area’s septic problems
will not promote new development.  There will be a community meeting hosted by the Woodacre Flats Wastewater Group on February 2 from 7 to 9 PM at the Woodacre Improvement Club; contact: Dave Anderson at 488-9876.


Levine to Resign from CLAM

Rae Levine has announced that she will be leaving CLAM, and West Marin, in June.  A search for a new executive director is underway.


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and the weekend!


On today’s program: a special installment that celebrates the natural environment and science of West Marin. 


Harvard biologist studies Death Cap Mushrooms in PRNS
The Point Reyes National Seashore is beautiful – but it is also home to one of the largest populations of Death Cap Mushrooms – the most dangerous type of mushrooms to humans and animals.  The Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center’s Cassandra Brooks talks with a Harvard biologist who has been studying the Death Cap and its proliferation in West Marin.

Botanists hold out hope for nearly extinct flower with local roots
KWMR’s Jacoba Charles spent a morning recently with botanists and officials from the Marin Municipal Water District as they began the process of planting Bakers Larkspur, a nearly extinct flower with roots in West Marin