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and Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Devil’s Gulch Ranch Family from Nicasio – a Report on the Haitian Earthquake
Mark Pasternak, his wife and two daughters were driving to a school in Haiti when last week’s earthquake hit, and the three-story school was flattened.  George Clyde interviews Pasternak in Santo Domingo, who gives a first person account of the scene at the collapsed school building, where the family helped with the rescue efforts.  The Pasternaks were in Haiti as a part of their long-term efforts to help with agriculture in the country, including the rabbit project which is described on the Devil’s Gulch Ranch website. [Update -- the website now has photos taken by the Pasternaks, as well as information on how you can help the Haitian people.]

“Elephant Seal” Takes Over Bear Valley Visitor Center
Was that a huge elephant seals sacked out in the foyer at the Bear Valley Visitor Center?  KWMR reporter Sandy Duveen wanted to know and provides this report about the park’s newest sculpture – that is a sight to see.


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and Thursday, January 21, 2010 


West Marin Storm Coverage
On the ground coverage from around West Marin from the KWMR Storm Center!  KWMR’s Alex Horvath nearly gets walloped by a sneaker-wave at Brighton Beach in Bolinas, while reporter Herb Kutchins remarks on thunder and lightning over Tomales Bay in the first nights of the storm.  Watch it, because the National Weather Service says that the storms have only just begun, and Wednesday and Thursday will deliver the brunt of what we are to see. 

Tomales Bay Herring Fishery is Showing Some Promise
After some bad years for the Tomales Bay herring fishery, there are some signs of hope.  George Clyde speaks with Tomales resident Tim Furlong after he landed about a ton of herring at the Marshall Boatworks.  Furlong’s “Toni-G” is the only herring boat now fishing in the region, with San Francisco Bay shut down and all the other Tomales Bay fishermen discouraged by the lack of commercial size fish in recent years.

MMWD Unveils Water Ecology Innovations for the Home Gardener
The Marin Municipal Water District unveiled a new high-tech weather station that will help its customers stay on top of water usage – and to know when the best times to water gardens and crops. The cool part is that you can monitor it from the comfort of your home computer!  KWMR's Brenda Kohn files the first of a two-part report.


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and the weekend!


Wet Weather a boon to local rain-catchers
It’s been a rather wet week in West Marin – something that some, but not all people are grateful for.  KWMR Reporter Brenda Kohn spent some time with Paola Bouley of the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network, a local group that is showing people how to make rainwater gardens.


Elephant Seals Provide Spectacular Show at Pt. Reyes
It’s the peak season to see the Pt. Reyes colony of 2000 elephant seals in their annual ritual of birthing, nursing and mating.  George Clyde takes a look (and listen) with marine biologist Sarah Allen, who has studied the new colony since it was established in 1981.  The visitor overlook is a short walk from the Chimney Rock parking lot at Pt. Reyes, where you can see elelephant seals being born and nursed, as well as huge elephant seals that can weigh as much as a Hummer.  You can drive there during the week, or take a shuttle on weekends. Two notes: the full 20-minute interview with Sarah Allen can be heard on KWMR on February 1 at 12:30 PM.  Also, the West Marin Report will have an update on effects of the recent storms on the elephant seal colony this week.