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Celebration of GGNRA Superintendent Brian O’Neill’s Life
KWMR’s Brenda Kohn attends the ceremony to honor the long-time GGNRA Park Superintendent, who will be greatly missed.

Much of the GGNRA Authority in Tomales Bay May Be Terminated
The 1000-foot strip of bay water along the east shore of Tomales Bay may no longer be part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area under a State Lands Commission proposal, at least for a while.

Park Rangers and the FBI May Get More Enforcement Authority in the GGNRA
Under a proposal before the State Lands Commission Today, major crimes in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area lands in Olema and Stinson Beach will be subject to Federal prosecution. Colin Smith, Chief Ranger of the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, explains.

Local State Parks Face Closure; What Can We Do?
Fred Smith of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin discusses the threatened closures and suggests that concerned West Marin residents contact State Senator Mark Leno at (916) 651-4003 before the State Legislature’s Budget Conference Committee meeting tomorrow.


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Inverness Association Discusses Removal of  "Launch for Hire" Boathouse Deed Restrictions
The deed restrictions on the “Launch for Hire” Boathouse may be lifted in an effort to help the owners get permits to rehabilitate the building; Madeline Hope and Stefan Kirkeby explain the problem.  The Board also considered use of non-sprayed herbicides to kill pampas grass and approved a letter to the Planning Commission regarding the Local Coastal Program asking for a better balance in favor of local serving needs vs. visitor-serving developments.

The Tomales Community Services District Had a Contentious Meeting
A proposal to expand the District’s sphere of influence, which many regard as a step to development of the Michael Sass properties and a threat to the water supply, provoked a heated community meeting.  We get a report from the West Marin Citizen, with John Tornes reporting, including quotes from Commissioner Walter Earl, Design Review Board President Bruce Bramson, and realtor Karen Karlow.

Ellie Rilla Leaves UC Cooperative Extension
After 21 years with the University of California Cooperative Extension for Marin County, Director Ellie Rilla is moving on. Watershed advisor David Lewis will replace her.  Lyons Filmer reports.

Bolinas Residents Voice Opinions on Bus Service
Marin Transit hosted a Community Meeting in Bolinas Monday night, and got an earful from locals.  Sheila O’Donnell reports,


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West Marin Commons Considers Purchase of Pt. Reyes Station Lot
Mark Switzer and Gary Ireland of the West Marin Commons present their ideas for community use of the vacant lot at the corner of Highway 1 and 4th Street, across from Wells Fargo Bank.

Coast Guard Inspects Tomales Bay Navigational Buoys and Plans Changes
KWMR joins a Coast Guard team as they inspect and decide to recommend changes to the navigational buoys at the mouth of Tomales Bay, where many boaters have lost their lives.  Local sailor Will Kent comments.

Dewey Livingston Presents a View of Western Weekend in 1950
Historian Dewey Livingston looks back at Pt. Reyes Station in June 1950, when the rural village hosted its second celebration of what was to become Western Weekend.