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...and the weekend!


A special Thanksgiving Weekend shout-out to the natural environment in West Marin. 


We rebroadcast an October piece from KWMR’s George Clyde, who went on a whale watching tour of the Cordell Bank National Marine Sancturary, located just a couple of miles off of the Point Reyes National Seashore, and saw more marine wildlife than he could fit in his recorder!   


And we explore the effects of El Nino on the migration patterns of the Humboldt Squid – which is actually native to Mexico – but is showing up in the normally colder waters from Monterey to Vancouver.  Science Journalist with the Point Reyes National Seashore Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center’s Cassandra Brooks takes us on an expedition in search of the Humboldt Squid!


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and Thursday, December 3rd


West Marin Crime Wave
West Marin residents who leave their doors unlocked are being targeted by thieves.  We talk with Inverness resident Daniel-Will Harris, who felt strongly enough about spreading the word that he posted a note to get the word out on the West Marin Report’s Facebook page. 


National Park Service Bails Out State Parks in West Marin
Tomales Bay State Park and Millerton Point are open seven days a week again, thanks to help from their federal neighbors. Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area have obtained a $389,000 grant, which has restored normal services to Tomales Bay, Samuel P. Taylor Park and Mt. Tamalpais State Parks.  John Dell’Osso, spokesman for the Seashore, explains why the National Park Service has provided funds for the state parks.  George Clyde reports.


Audubon Finishes Shorebird Count
Armed with binoculars, cameras, and notepads, biologists from the Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Cypress Grove Research Center have been busy counting birds.  We talk with Audubon’s John Kelly, who lead the count, about their findings.


Opening at IPUD
There’s an opening on the Board of the Inverness Public Utilities District after the resignation of one director.  


Sheri Clyde elected President of KWMR Board
Marshall resident Sheri Clyde was elected last week to a term as president of the KWMR Board of Directors.


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...and the weekend!

Brazen Burglaries Hit Inverness
Sheriff Sergeant Jeff Edwards talks about the rash of break-ins and other crimes that have plagued Inverness and West Marin in recent weeks – including one burglary that took place in the middle of the night while the residents were sound asleep in their beds. To report a tip on the burglaries or other crimes, contact the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at               (415) 499-7233         (415) 499-7233.

Taking it all off for Peace
John and Yoko had their Bed-In, and around the country, in the time since, thousands have expressed their opposition to war in more traditional peace rallies. But peace rallies are now considered so old-fashioned. The latest addition to peace protests is the “nude word photo” – the first being done around these parts in 2002.  They were at it again this Wednesday morning in 48 degree weather  In case you missed it, that was Marshall resident Donna Sheehan and sixteen friends at Love Field in Point Reyes Station on Wednesday morning, in the buff and “Baring Witness” while forming letters with their bodies as part of a modern-day anti-war protest. 



Quilters Gather in Muir Beach for Holiday Fair
KWMR’s Brenda Kohn gets the scoop on the Muir Beach Quilters, who host their annual Holiday Arts Fair at the Muir Beach Community Center on Saturday.