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and the weekend…


New $200,000 Grant May Reduce Mercury Contamination in Tomales Bay
Ranchers in the Walker Creek area of North Marin may qualify for state funds for projects designed to prevent further mercury contamination of Tomales Bay.  Thirteen ranches have soil that was polluted by the Gambonini mercury mine, which closed in 1970 and became a Superfund site.  George Clyde speaks with Nancy Scolari of the Marin Resource Conservation District about the new $200,000 grant that the RCD received and how it will be used.


660 Get Vaccinated in Point Reyes Event
A line had formed outside West Marin School by 10 AM on Wednesday for the limited doses of the H1N1 flu vaccine.  Were you able to get vaccinated?  There is one more opportunity in early December but you will have to truck it over to Novato to get a dose


World Premiere of Point Reyes Musical Theatre Show
A new original musical opens Friday evening at the Dance Palace and plays through the wekeend.  “The Kids How To Do (Almost) Anything Guide” stars lots of local youngsters and is based on a book that was published by Inverness resident, Murray Suid.  We attend a rehearsal and talk with the play’s director, Laura Aldarice.


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and Tuesday, November 24th


Black Market in China and Italy for Bolinas Artist’s Watercolors
It’s a story that smacks of art thieves, cybercrime, and international intrigue, not to mention a side-line connection into the world of Brittney Spears.  To one Bolinas woman – who happens to be the artist in question – it’s downright maddening.  We talked with watercolorist Birgit O’Connor about the black market for her colorful floral prints and where her work has been appearing.


Big Blast in Nicasio as Lunny Rock Quarry is Dynamited
Last week Kevin Lunny took a respite from the explosive issues surrounding the Drakes Bay Oyster Company for a real earthshaking blast in Nicasio. It was the day for dynamiting at the Lunny Grading and Paving company rock quarry on the Lafanchi ranch, just north of the Nicasio pumpkin field.  KWMR's George Clyde came along to watch (and hear) the blast.


Praise for Town and Bike Event
After asserting that KWMR had not done enough to describe the Bolinas bike path celebration, Bolinas resident Jane Mikelson calls in to the news line with a message about the aforementioned path. 


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and Thursday, November 26th

Helicopter Service to Nick’s Cove Delights Patrons, But Raises Concerns
Now you can take a glorious ride in a helicopter to lunch at Nick’s Cove and Cottages in Marshall with a service offered by Wine Country Helicopters in Napa.  But Marshall homeowner Paul Wright and others are concerned about the noise and the effects on Tomales Bay birds, and Marin County officials have raised concerns about whether it is permitted under zoning regulations.


Micro-Brandy Distillery coming to Marshall?
Point Reyes resident
Tony Magee would like to build a brandy distillery and tasting room in Marshall.  He claims that the operation would be small in nature.  But then this is the man that founded microbrewery Lagunitas Brewing Company.


Watch for Bankruptcy Sale on 3 Tomales Residential Properties
Three residential properties in Tomales have been included in a $191 Million bankruptcy filing in September by Sonoma County real estate investor Clem Carinalli, who is in hock big time to institutions and individual investors. The properties in question are collectively valued at $1.8 million and the paper is held by West America Bank.


Organic Standards Not Based in Science?
KWMR reporter Mark Dowie examines the other side of organic – and talks with Marcia Baranago, a sheep rancher from Barinaga Ranch who is not buying into organic standards for her meat.