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and the weekend!


County Looks at Revising Wind Ordinance
The County of Marin is two proposals away from revising decades old ordinances that cover wind generation conversion systems – an issue that has divided ecologists and alternative energy proponents alike.  We talk with county planner Omar Pena about what to expect at the Planning Commission meeting on Monday. 


Fifty Sleeping Bags in Fifty Days
Turning fifty can be an ordeal for some people. For others, like Forest Knolls resident Todd Pickering, it’s an opportunity to help others.  Pickering has chosen a unique way to help homeless people as a way of celebrating his fiftieth year on the planet.  If you’d like to contact Todd Pickering, send an email to, or call him at (707) 548-6231.

Commuting by the West Marin Stage to the East Bay
KWMR Reporter George Clyde checks out the ride on West Marin Stage to get to BART in the East Bay and finds it pretty satisfactory: less than a two-hour ride, with a cost of $6.


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and Tuesday, January 12th


Palace Market to Upgrade and Legalize Noise Refrigeration Unit
After noise complaints from neighbors, the Palace Market in Pt. Reyes Station is proposing major renovations to the unpermitted refrigeration condensers it installed in 2008, including a new rooftop unit. The proposal and the County staff recommendations will be considered by the Deputy Zoning Administrator Thursday morning. George Clyde interviews Jim Maestri and Pat Hollern, who live behind the Market, and Mark Switzer of the Pt. Reyes Village Association summarizes a fax that their Design Review Committee has sent to the County.

Supes Approve Local Meadery for PRS
A Honey-Wine production company has been green-lighted by the Board of Supervisors to expand operations to Point Reyes Station. Gordon Hull plans on producing 20,000 cases of the product in West Marin, as well as operate a tasting room.

"Take Me to your Leader..."
In advance of the “Tipping Points” Conference in Cancun, Mexico next week, where people from all over the world will talk over metaphysical matters and Mayan prophecy, local writer Elizabeth Whitney tells us what to expect if we see lights in the skies over West Marin in the next couple of years as part of a personal opinion segment that we call “To the Point.”


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and Thursday, January 14th


Woman Still Missing – Search Now Switches to Investigation
The search for a missing woman whose vehicle was found at McClure’s Beach over the weekend has switched for a ground search to an investigation.  We get an update from the Point Reyes National Seashore’s John Dell’Osso. 


San Geronimo Man Approved to Build Near Creek
After six years of attempting to get his proposed home design approved, Stephen Maloney finally got design approval by the Marin County Planning Commission on Monday.  The approval was not welcomed by local Green groups such as the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin or the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network.


Update on the Sanctuary’s Plans for Tomales Bay Moorings and Pump-Out Station
The plans of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary to regulate the moorings on Tomales Bay and for a boat sewage pump-out station on the Bay are going forward, but very slowly.  After a public reaction to the Sanctuary’s proposals in 2007, a workgroup has been advising the Sanctuary Advisory Council, which itself has generally accepted recommendations to legalize most of the existing moorings, provided technical standards are met. Meanwhile, the efforts to obtain a boat sewage pump-out station on the Bay faces challenges for lack of ideal locations.  It could be 2012 before the Sanctuary’s plan is implemented.  George Clyde speaks with Sanctuary representative Brad Damitz and Pt. Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Don Neubacher.