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and Tuesday, June 01


EAC of West Marin does About-Face on Brandy Distillery
After first finding little problem with the brandy distillery that Tony Magee has proposed to build in Marshall, and the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, headed by Fred Smith, is now appealing the Marin County Planning Commission’s recent approval the project to the California Coastal Commission. 


Point Reyes Hostel’s “Green” Status will be first in the Nation
The Point Reyes National Seashore is beginning work on a one hundred percent, LEED certified “Green Building” – that will also expand the accommodations offered at the Point Reyes Hostel.  We talk with the Point Reyes Hostel's Hanna Morris.


Memorial Day Service Honors West Marin’s “SurfMen”
At  2 p.m. on Monday a very special ceremony will take place at the historic G Ranch to honor West Marin’s “Surfmen” – members of the United States Life Saving Service - an organization that made sea rescues using lifeboats, a pre-cursor to the Coast Guard, and at the turn of the 20th Century played a big part in saving lives off of Marin’s rugged coast.  Click on the video links to see footage of SurfMen that was shot in 1897 by Thomas Edison.


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and the weekend!

Special Oil Spill Disaster Edition
What would happen if a couple of oil tankers crashed into each other and sent a big oil slick onto the shores of West Marin?  It actually happened in 1971, and an estimated 1100 shorebirds were killed as a result, not to mention the uncounted marine life. 

We talk with Bolinas resident Tom D’Onofrio, a man who has firsthand experience with this, and is the person that signaled a mayday on the morning of the spill, when millions of gallons of oil washed up on West Marin’s shores – and threatened the Bolinas Lagoon. 


Bonus feature: View archival footage from 1971 on KQED of Bolinas’s response to the oil spill.


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and Thursday, June 10


Endangered critters in West Marin at peril due to pesticide regs
There are creatures that live in the wilds of West Marin that may be at risk because of pesticides in their environment.  KWMR’s science reporter, Jacoba Charles, takes a look at some pesticides and other chemicals that were recently prohibited thanks to a lawsuit that was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity.


Huge retaining wall planned for Shoreline Highway
CalTrans has drawn up plans for a major piece of road repair  that includes a 523 foot long, 20 foot long retaining wall, slated to be built along Highway One, near Slide Ranch, between Muir Beach and Stinson Beach.   


Fisherman net pricy fine
A pair of Bolinas fishermen have been fined $55,000 for straying into federal waters that were recently put on a restricted list.