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and Tuesday, August 11

Tax Break for Agricultural Properties  To Stay With County’s Assistance
After Gov. Schwarzenegger suspended the California Land Conservation Act of 1965 (also known as the Wiliamson Act) as part of the 2009-2010 budget cuts, farmers and ranchers in West Marin and around the state looked to be facing property tax increases. In West Marin, at least for now, it is a non-issue, as Liza Crosse, an aide to Supervisor Steve Kinsey, tells the West Marin Report that the County of Marin will keep the tax break going – in spite of Marin being somewhat cash-strapped itself. KWMR’s George Clyde reports.

Redwood Creek Restoration Finally Under Way
In Muir Beach, the National Park Service is preparing to begin work after Labor Day on the Redwood Creek Restoration Project, which involves moving 10,000 cubic feet of soil that has settled in the Muir Beach Lagoon. Increased traffic is to be expected as trucks haul dirt north on Highway One, followed by eco-system restoration. KWMR’s Brenda Kohn reports.

Pier Rebuilding Project in Inverness Faces Scrutiny
An Inverness couple has filed a Marin County permit applicaton to repair and rebuild a Tomales Bay pier that is located on their property. If Tim and Melissa Draper’s project makes it through that, then they will also need permits from the California Coastal Commission, the Army Corp. of Engineers, and at least four other official agencies. Comments on the proposed “Negative Declaration” and initial study can be made until August 24, according to a County notice.  George Clyde reports.

Incumbents to Face Challengers in Local Elections
Friday was the deadline for candidates for local offices to file papers to be included on the November third ballot. In several villages, incumbents have found themselves facing challengers for their seats, while filing periods have been extended through Wednesday in some West Marin towns.  KWMR’s News Director Alex Horvath provides a pre-election round-up of local races.



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and Thursday, August 13

County unveils San Geronimo Valley Salmon Enhancement Plan
After years of research, elbow grease, and white-out, the County unveiled its draft San Geronimo Valley Salmon Enhancement Plan to a crowd of 75 on Monday night. The plan, which was greeted warmly by most, integrates various elements of habitat restoration. KWMR talks with Jean Berensmeier of Lagunitas, and the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network’s Paola Bouley. To download or read the draft Salmon Enhancement Plan, click here.

Harbor Seals are hungry – but their food supply is out to lunch
On West Marin shores, Harbor Seals and Sea Lions are showing up with signs of being malnourished in record numbers. Worse - the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that an El Nino winter season may be on the horizon, bringing warmer ocean currents and pushing the seal's food source further out to sea. We check in with the Marine Mammal Center’s Jim Oswald.

Litter on West Marin roads singled out for its trashiness
In a “To the Point” listener segment, Susanna Henderson, an Inverness Park resident, tongue firmly implanted in cheek, takes on the topic of litter along the roads of West Marin.


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and the weekend

Marine Mammal Commission to Begin New Drake’s Estero Study
The Marine Mammal Commission will come to West Marin this month to commence a new study of disturbances to harbor seals in Drake’s Estero.  KWMR reporter George Clyde speaks with Dr. Timothy Ragen, the Executive Director of the Marine Mammal Commission, about the study and its timeline.  Groups or individuals who wish to contact the Commission at this preliminary stage can contact Dr. Ragen at the Marine Mammal Commission at (301) 504-0087 or

Fore Sale No More!
KWMR News has confirmed the sale of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course to a family trust based in the East Bay.

MALT pays $2.5 million for agricultural easement.
The Marin Agricultural Land Trust has purchased an agricultural easement on the Spaletta Family’s 772-acre ranch in Point Reyes. MALT Associate Director Elizabeth Ptak discusses the benefit to West Marin.

Local Cheesemakers Take Top National Awards 
Two cheese-makers from West Marin – the Cowgirl Creamery and the Marin French Cheese Factory – have taken top prizes at a national cheese competition.  The Creamery’s chief Cowgirl, Sue Conley talks about their winning Red Hawk cheese and the mix of artist and scientist when creating new products.