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and Tuesday, April 14


Litho Award goes to Local News Publication

A news publication from West Marin has won a significant publishing award.  Could it be the Point Reyes Light, the West Marin Citizen, or the Bolinas Hearsay News?  Or might there be another contender?


A 3,000 mile journey that begins in Point Reyes
A Team of horses left Point Reyes last week bound for Washington, D.C., as part of the Glory Ride – an evangelical group with membership from around the country that is praying along the way for an end to everything that plagues us as a population.  KWMR reporter Sandy Duveen filed this story.


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and Thursday, April 15

Special Local Agriculture and Land-Use Edition


Brandy Distillery Approved for Marshall

In what one local planner called “almost a model of what we would like to see on these parcels,” county planners on Monday approved a 1,456 square foot brandy distillery, a 3,165 square foot residence, a 648 square foot garage, a 1,792 square foot equipment barn, a 960 square foot shed, two sheep shelters totaling 1,500 square feet, five five-thousand gallon water tanks, and three 250 gallon propane tanks.  It all sits on 150 acres that overlook Tomales Bay.


LCP Update Revisits Agriculture and Mariculture; Court ruling could block mandatory agricultural easements
The Marin County Planning Commission heard from members of the agricultural community, who got backing from the University of California Agricultural Extension.  There was also some breaking news on Monday from San Mateo that could affect the LCP process as it relates to mandatory agricultural easements.  A Superior Court Judge ruled that the California Coastal Commission had violated the Constitutional Rights of a landowner who it forced into an agricultural easement as a condition for building a home. 


Ranchers, Enviros, and other Non-Ranchers in a Community Conversation
Ranchers and Environmentalists met together on Saturday for a Community Conversation.  We have a conversation with the Chileno Valley Ranch’s Sally Gale about ideas that came up at the meeting.


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Special Broadcast
KWMR’s newly elected Board President David Bunnett, Transition Chief Susan Robinson, and Program Director Lyons Filmer discuss recent changes at KWMR, the election of new Board of Directors, and the future of the Community Radio Station.  From a lunchtime interview discussion on April 16, 2010.