Radio Archives

KWMR now has archives available on RadioFreeAmerica.

PLEASE READ Before Accessing Archives

1) The archives are in a new format than on the old KWMR website. This is a brand-new archive service that is still in beta-test mode. It will serve KWMR as we work to create more long-term integrated archives for our own website.

2) You need to use either Chrome or Firefox to access the archives. Safari does not work with the service right now.

3) Click “Access The Archives” below.

4) In the new window, click on blue section on the right called “Station Archive.” You can search through show archives by clicking on the dates. PLEASE NOTE: only the last two weeks of show archives will be available. All archives will expire after two weeks.

5) When you have found the date and show you are looking for, you can listen to the show by clicking on the play icon associated with the show. PLEASE NOTE: talk shows are no longer downloadable.

6) Got feedback? Please email us. Thanks!