Listener Supported Radio


KWMR needs your help with some office essentials - do you have any of the following in used but good condition? West Marin Community Radio can put them to work and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt!

  • A solid swing arm lamp, ideally with a clamp base
  • A lockable, two-drawer filing cabinet, an under-the-desk model able to hold hanging file folders
  • Apple computers and laptops, 2011 or newer
  • Office chairs, ideally with wheels and height-adjustable

If you have any of these items and would donate them to KWMR, please contact Amanda Eichstaedt, Executive Direct/Station Manager, at

Please note: We appreciate your generosity and yet, for all the gratitude we feel, KWMR is not a recycling center. Please call us before you make a trip to the station, and please do not leave materials or property outside locked office doors. All donations are subject to acceptance by the KWMR staff.

Thank you for your consideration!