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he easiest way to listen to KWMR online is by clicking on the LISTENLIVE NOW! button on the KWMR home page.


Most KWMR programming is archived on the web site for 14 days. Click on Locally Produced Programs under the Radio tab. Choose the show you are interested in and then click on the audio file located on the show page.

iPhone App Public Radio Player, on iPhones everywhere

The free iPhone app Public Radio Player, provides an easy way to listen to KWMR on your iPhone anywhere, anytime.

KWMR Webcast Help

The easiest way to listen to KWMR on line is by clicking on the LISTEN LIVE NOW! button on the KWMR home page.

You can also listen to the stream using your favorite media player.  KWMR is now available on iPhone through the Public Radio Tuner. To find out how it works, click here.

For Windows PC, we prefer Winamp but others will work.  For the Mac, iTunes works well as does VLC.  VLC also works for other Unix/Linux based systems.  In order to use these alternative players you will need the direct URL for the stream you want.

The high bitrate stream is located at

128kbps link

If you are having trouble accessing the online streams, here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help.

  • When I click on the link to listen to the stream either a funny looking webpage appears or the computer asks if I want to download a file. No sound happens. What can I do?

This usually means that you don't have a media player installed that is capable of playing an online mp3 stream. For Windows, our favorite player is WinAmp and for Macintosh it's iTunes. RealPlayer will work if it is the latest version but we don't recommend it, especially with MacOS 9. Windows Media Player will also work if it is the latest version. Earlier versions of both programs are NOT capable of playing an mp3 stream and WILL NOT WORK. Try installing one of these vey nice, free players:

Windows: WinAmp download or iTunes download

MacIntosh OS 9: iTunes 2.0.4 download This is the only OS 9 client that will work!

MacIntosh OS X: iTunes download

Unix (XWindows): XMMS download

Unix (Console): mpg123 download

  • The stream does not play, when I click on the link. What do I do?

Make sure that you have recent version of your player installed. Try upgrading to the most recent version. If you think you have a recent verison of your player installed correctly try opening the stream manually instead of clicking the links. In winamp press "Ctrl-L" or right click on the player and go to the Play->URL menu and type the correct stream address. If you are using iTunes, go to the Advanced->Play Stream menu. Other players will have a similar capability if you poke around at it a little: The manual URL for the stream is:

  • I'm using Windows Media Player and I get an error message. Help!

You are using an older version of Media Player that is incompatible with mp3 streams. Either upgrade to the latest version of Media Player or install one of the superior alternative players, WinAmp or iTunes. See above.

  • I'm using QuickTime Player to play the stream and I get an error message. Help!

You are using an older version of QuickTime player that is incompatible with mp3 streams. Either upgrade to the latest version of QuickTime player or install one of the superior alternative players. See above.

  • I've loaded WINAMP, but RealPlayer keeps opening when I click the MP3 links

In the RealPlayer application, select the View'->Preferences->Upgrade menu item.  At the bottom of that box, under 'Media Types', click the 'Re-associate' button.  Un-check the boxes marked 'Mpeg Audio' and 'MP3 Playlists'. Click 'OK' twice.

  • I'm using AOL and I get a message that says "Network Error: the file could not be played. Check to be sure you are still connected to the AOL service". What's wrong?

Some versions of AOL browser have a hard time with the mp3 format. Try accessing the stream from outside of the AOL browser using another web browsing client like FireFox or Explorer.

  • The sound keeps cutting in and out. What can I do?

Either there is too much network congestion between you and the server, or your connection bandwidth is insufficient to support the stream you have selected. Make sure that you have selected the stream that is appropriate for your connection type. You won't be able to play the 128kb stream on a dialup connection. You can also try disconnecting and connecting again to see if that clears up the problem. If not, try connecting again later.

  • The sound is distorted. What's wrong?

Most likely the EQ setting for your player are set too high. If you are using WinAmp, try turning the EQ off or turning the "Preamp" slider down. For other players try something similar. If your player dosen't have a "Preamp" control, try turning the sliders for all bands down a little.

  • The player looks like it's working but no sound comes out. What's wrong?

Make sure that the volume on the computer is not turned all the way down or muted. Same for external speakers.

  • I still can't get it to work! What now?
If all else fails, just drop a note or call us and we will do our best to help get things sorted out.
Email us or call 415-663-8068, extension 105.