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KWMR Board of Director

KWMR is owned and operated by KWMR, a non-profit, charitable corporation organized pursuant to Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

As with any corporation, KWMR has a board of directors. It is the board that sets the direction and tone of the station, forms committees to address things like general policy and emergency preparedness and fundraising. The board is made up of people from the local community, usually folks of long residency with strong ties to the area. They often serve or have served on other boards of directors as well.

Our current Board of Directors consists of:


Jennifer McFarland - President, Point Reyes Station

Gail Graham - Vice President, Stinson Beach

Paul Flowerman - Treasurer, Forest Knolls

Aaron Ely- Secretary, Point Reyes

Gus Conde - Inverness Park

Bonnie Guttman, Point Reyes Station

Marialidia Marcotulli, Bolinas

Mary Jo Maendle, Inverness Park

Elizabeth Hill, Point Reyes Station

Blaine Sprouse, Inverness Park





KWMR complies with the requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that its meetings of the membership, the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee are open to the public. Certain portions of the meetings may be closed to consider confidential business, legal and personnel matters and otherwise as permitted by law. All meetings are announced on KWMR's website (dates listed below). If you would like us to email you at least seven days before each meeting with the specific dates, times and locations, please click here to subscribe to the notification list. Notice is communicated by email to any individuals who have specifically requested to be notified; if a person does not have an email address, the notice will be made by letter, fax or phone. KWMR makes on-air announcements quarterly, using the same text as above.


KWMR 2010 Monthly Board Meeting and Locations

Meetings are now held the third Wednesday of the month, 6:00 - 7:30 pm at the Point Reyes Public Safety Building & Firehouse. (Up until July 21, 2010, they were held on the third Thursday of the month.)


The KWMR Community Advisory Board

Mark Buell - Bolinas

Rich Clarke - Marshall

George Clyde - Marshall

Dave Cort - Lagunitas

Chris Desser - Marshall

John Gouldthorpe, Point Reyes Station

Gordan Hull, Point Reyes Station

Ted Lyman - Point Reyes Station

Alexander McQuilkin, Woodacre

Harriet Moss - Sausalito

Muriel Murch - Bolinas

Carlos Porrata - Inverness

Carla Ruff - Inverness/San Francisco

Sim Van der Ryn - Inverness


The KWMR Founding Board 1995 - 1999

Donna Sheehan - Founder
James Stark - Founder
John Gouldthorpe
Muriel Murch
Richard Dillman
Charlie Morgan
Kate Munger
Howie Hammerman
Kay Clements
Claire Peaslee
Sheila O'Donnell