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Tuesday, September 2

4:00 PM - Youth DJ Project

NEW HOST Rachel Rothken.

Wednesday, September 3

10:00 AM - Turning Pages: Waves of Joy

Joy Maulitz interviews the incomparable Diane Ackerman about her new book The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us.

"Diane Ackerman's vivid writing, inexhaustible stock of insights, and unquenchable optimism have established her as a national treasure, and as one of our great authors. You're now about to become addicted to Diane Ackerman." (Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel and The World Until Yesterday.)

12:00 PM - Moyers & Company

NEW TIME 12 - 12:30 PM

12:30 PM - Making Contact

NEW TIME 12:30 - 1 PM

1:00 PM - Climate One


4:00 PM - Youth DJ Project

NEW HOST Michael Dunn.

Thursday, September 4

2:00 PM - Classical Thursday: Tripped Out Modernism

with Robby Elfman.

5:00 PM - Epicenter

"Témas de inmigración" con Socorro Romo, Alyssa G. Simpson, Augusto Conde, Jésus Martinez.

Listener supported radio


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Posted by "Airwaves" on Sep 2 at 10AM
Airwaves (2014-09-02)
Posted by "Rise and Shine" on Sep 2 at 9AM
Rise and Shine (2014-09-02)
Posted by "Silver Dollar Jukebox" on Sep 1 at 10PM
Silver Dollar Jukebox (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Release Me" on Sep 1 at 8PM
Release Me (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Epicenter: West Marin Affairs" on Sep 1 at 5PM
Epicenter: West Marin Affairs (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Youth DJ Project" on Sep 1 at 5PM
Youth DJ Project (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Cruisin'" on Sep 1 at 4PM
Cruisin' (2014-09-01)
Posted by "West Marin Matters" on Sep 1 at 2PM
West Marin Matters (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Farm and Foodshed Report" on Sep 1 at 1PM
Farm and Foodshed Report (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Trash to Treasure" on Sep 1 at 12PM
Trash to Treasure (2014-09-01)
Posted by "With Eyes Open!" on Sep 1 at 10AM
With Eyes Open! (2014-09-01)
Posted by "Between Rock and A Jazz Place" on Aug 31 at 8PM
Between Rock and A Jazz Place (2014-08-31)
Posted by "To Hell & Bach" on Aug 31 at 8PM
To Hell & Bach (2014-08-31)

"To Hell & Bach professes no musical borders, and was conceived as a journey through time and genres, via historical, mythological, poetic and purely musical motifs - but ultimately, it just hopes to cock an ear, or raise an eyebrow along the way."

Guest host Marc Matheson sits in for show creator Beth Underwood this week, weaving two hours of mixed motifs, moods and colors. Click here for the complete playlist.


Posted by "Happy Days" on Aug 31 at 1PM
Happy Days (2014-08-31)
Posted by "Sunday Celebration...Sacred, World and Gospel" on Aug 31 at 12PM
Sunday Celebration...Sacred, World and Gospel (2014-08-31)

Once a month, KWMR programmer Marc Matheson conducts three hours of old school African American gospel music.

Take a listen - allow the spirit shake your rafters abd raise your roof!

"Gospel" returns on Sundays, September 28th, October 26th and November 23rd.


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