How the heck did it get to be June 25?

June 25, 2019

From Amanda’s messy desk…

Time flies when you are having fun, or so it seems. While I can’t say that blondes have more fun, I can say that time is speeding by at an alarming rate. As my roots grow in (not fast enough) I am in awe of the fact that our year, 2019, the 20th year of KWMR’s FM existence is almost half way over!

I received many heartfelt emails after last week’s Round Up remembering Jerry Lunsford. He touched many lives and served in many different capacities with different people. His father has set up a fund. More emails poured in after Gus Conde aired the recording of one of the Hippy from Olema shows.

Richard Dillman, Sally Phillips, Mia Johnson and I all ventured to San Diego last week to attend the National Federation of Community Broadcasters conference. I serve on the Board of Directors, and it is an honor to do so. Richard presented on Emergency Preparedness and what KWMR does, and impressed the heck out of the crowd. Mia presented on Underwriting – a topic on which she is an expert. I moderated a few sessions and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to my radio peers.

It was not without trepidation that we flew four of our six person crew out of the area, and on Monday I was getting updates about another vegetation fire that broke out, and was soon contained by our hard working fire personnel. The week prior we had trained up a group of programmers to serve as back up to the staff, in the case of an emergency. We train more folks up on Friday, and will then have a robust crew of local folks who can help KWMR get the word out in the event of an emergency. A reminder to be fire safe, and know who your disaster council contacts are.

We are all back safely in West Marin preparing to debrief from our conference learning and see what new best practices can be put into place here at KWMR to better serve the listeners.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jon and Ira for their email in response to my asking what are their favorite shows. They cited not one, but twenty-four programs that they enjoy regularly on KWMR! I can’t say it better than them, so here you go!

Here’s our list of favorite shows that we tune in every week:

Farm & Foodshed Report ( Great topics and we love Robin’s southern accent )
Milk Street Radio
Youth DJ Project ( The kids are great and fun to listen to! )
As It Happens
Swimming Upstream ( Always informative…variety is the spice of life )
Fish Tales
Magic Lantern ( The Magic of Sally )
West County Prowl ( Cool dude Jeff Manson )
Running With Scissors ( One of our favorites, great job Mike!!! )
Coast Highway Blues
Bakersfield & Beyond ( Another favorite with Amanda )
Shorty’s Bunk House ( Loving that laid back Shorty )
Highway of Heartaches
Off The Cuff
HAPPY HOUR ( The best 2 hours of our week, LOVE LOVE LOVE you Liberacha and Debussy! )
Night Flight ( Sprinkled with Donna Summer tunes, only Bill can get away with it, “Love to Love You Baby” )
Bring It On Home ( Learn something new in every show )
Hawai’i Calling ( On the lanai with Susanna soothing our Saturday ride home from work aahhhh )
Foraging With Betsy Nichols ( Nothing better that Betsy on Sunday afternoon)
Midnight in Luxemburg ( Another very informative show )
To Hell & Bach ( Great show, Beth, it’s like us, all over the place )
Trance Continental ( Listened last night for the first time, we are adding it to our list )

Thanks again for all the hard work from everyone at KWMR. Where would we be without you?

Jon & Ira

Thank you Jon and Ira! That warms my heart to no end!!!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Don’t forget to download that brand new KWMR App!

COVER PHOTO: NFCB Board L – R Julia Kumari Drapkin, Sonya Green, Nathan Moore, Marcellus Shepard, Amanda Eichstaedt, Colin Andrews and Adrianna Gallardo.  photo: Sally Hardy